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Brush Removal Gladstone Oregon

It’s Gresham Oregon, and brush removal can be quite a task. Plants here can grow to be a huge pain in the grass. Thick foliage and dead branch clearing may seem like an overwhelming project unless, of course, you have an experienced team of brush chipping experts. By that, we mean bush, blackberry, and shrub destroying monsters that can access any property and remove every bush, shrub, hedge or vine on site. Monkeyman’s Tree Service employs numerous brush chipping monstrosities – otherwise known as “the muscle”.

Our brush clearing teams are all business about plant demolition, brush removal, shrub removal, and every other procedure calling for thorough annihilation of plant species by use of vicious manual labor and the best in bush ingesting equipment.

Monkeyman’s brush removal services throughout the city of Gladstone are more than a bargain, and our team of hedge removal maniacs is scared of nothing. Our wood chipping crews eliminate the biggest, baddest brush in Gladstone, OR and we look forward to helping you with all wood chipping, blackberry bush removal, or brush clearing  needs.

Give us a call for a free brush removal or brush chipping quote – (503) 358-8754.