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Brush Removal McMinnville, Oregon

Arborvitae, Juniper, blackberry bush and brush clearing projects can very well be a daunting task unless you employ the use of a skilled team of brush removal masters. By that, we mean bush, blackberry, and shrub destroying maniacs that can access your property to destroy shrub, bush, or vine within reach. Monkeyman’s Tree Service employs quite a few hedge-terminating leviathans. We call them “brush removal enthusiasts”.

No matter what you may decide to refer to them as, our guys don’t make jokes when it comes to hedge trimming, brush removal, evergreen removal, shrub removal, wood chipping, brush chipping, dead tree removal, and every other operation that requires total decimation of plant species through the means of ferocious physical labor combined with the ultimate in brush chewing machinery.

Our teams’ brush removal and clearing service throughout the city of McMinnville, Oregon are truly reasonably priced, and our eager staff of hedge removal beasts is afraid of nothing. Our brush clearing teams eradicate the thickest, meanest shrubs throughout McMinnville and are happy to assist you with your or brush chipping  needs. Call now for a free quote – (503) 964-3663.