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Hedge or arborvitae along with dead branch clearing can very well be a daunting job if you don’t have an experienced team of brush removal professionals. By that, we mean battle-tested brush eliminating savages that can access your land to destroy every shrub, bush, or vine that dares cross their path. We employ numerous blackberry bush eating leviathans. We call them the “wood chipping extremists”.

Whatever you elect to refer to them as, they get serious about plant removal, or any other operation that calls for the complete and utter elimination of plant life through the means of relentless manual labor as well as the best in bush eating machinery.

Our teams’ brush and wood chipping services within Molalla, Oregon are more than inexpensive, and our eager teams of brush chipping beasts are afraid of nothing. We eradicate the toughest, meanest hedges and vines in the city of Molalla, OR and are eager to help you with all  hedge removal, wood chipping, or brush clearing  requirements.

Call Monkeyman’s for a free brush clearing or wood chipping estimate at (503) 964-3663 and put our brush removal services to the test.