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Brush Removal Salmon Creek

Brush removal isn’t fun. If you are at war with your bushes, blackberry vines, hedges or overgrowth we have the perfect solution. Our squads of overgrown foliage eating barbarians are able to access any property and remove every shrub, bush, or vine in the area. We employ many brush removal ogres. Known to us as “brush clearing extremists”.

Whatever you prefer to call them, our teams get serious about wood chipping, brush chipping, land clearing, or any other operation that requires total liquidation of greenery by means of relentless manual labor joined with cutting edge bush scarfing machinery.

Monkeyman’s hedge trimming, wood chipping and brush removal services in and around Salmon Creek, WA are more than inexpensive, and our wood chipping animals are intimidated by nothing. Our wood chipping crews rid properties of the biggest, baddest hedges and vines throughout Salmon Creek and are happy to help you with all of your blackberry bush removal, wood chipping, or brush chipping  requirements.

Call now for a free brush removal or wood chipping estimate at (503) 964-3663. Unleash our brush removal warriors on your bushes and get the job done quickly.