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Brush Removal Washougal Washington

Washougal Washington’s thick foliage and brush chipping may seem like an overwhelming job without a skilled team of brush clearing experts. When we say brush clearing experts, we mean hardened brush clearing monsters capable of accessing your land and taking down all vines, hedges, or bushes in their path.

Regardless of what you elect to call them, our teams are serious about wood chipping, brush chipping, land clearing, or any other operation that demands complete liquidation of brush through the means of fierce manual labor as well as state of the art shrub eating machinery.

Monkeyman’s hedge trimming, wood chipping and brush removal experts service the city of Washougal. They are more than a bargain, and our professional team of wood chipping beasts are intimidated by nothing. Our brush clearing teams take out the worst vines and hedges in Washougal, WA and welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your  hedge removal, wood chipping, or brush clearing  projects. Call Monkeyman’s for a free brush clearing or wood chipping quote at (503) 964-3663.