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Brush Removal Clackamas Oregon

Removing hedges or brush in Clackamas, OR can be a big job without an experienced team of brush removal experts. By that, we mean hardened brush clearing savages capable of accessing your property for the purpose of taking down all vines, hedges, or bushes within site. Monkeyman’s brush clearing employs numerous hedge-terminating leviathans; they’re endearingly known to us as “wood chipping enthusiasts”.

Call them what you may, our teams mean business when it comes to brush clearing, shrub removal, and every other service that requires thorough destruction of anything plant related by use of fierce physical labor as well as the latest in hedge and brush devouring machinery.

Our wood and brush chipping services throughout Clackamas are beyond a bargain, and our eager staff of brush chipping animals is afraid of nothing. We eliminate the biggest, baddest hedges and brush throughout Clackamas, Oregon and are happy to assist you with any of your hedge removal, wood chipping, or brush removal projects. Contact us for a free brush chipping or wood chipping quote – (503) 358-8754.