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Tree Service Newberg

Large brush removal or brush chipping projects are quite the task when you don’t have a skilled team of brush clearing experts. More specfically, we mean overgrown foliage eating maniacs that can access your property to annihilate shrub, bush, or vine that dares cross their path. Monkeyman’s employs many bush destroying hellions – Otherwise known as “brush clearing aficionados”.

Regardless of what you choose to refer to them as, they are all business about plant demolition, brush removal, shrub removal, or any other procedure that requires thorough demolition of plant species by use of relentless physical labor as well as effective bush devouring machinery.

Our teams’ hedge removal and brush chipping service within Newberg are more than affordable, and our team of brush removal animals is intimidated by nothing. We remove the meanest shrubs in Newberg, OR and look forward to assisting you with all wood chipping, blackberry bush removal, or brush chipping  requirements. Call us today for a free brush clearing or wood chipping quote at (503) 358-8754.