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Brush Removal Oregon City

Overgrowth and brush chipping is often times a massive task without a highly trained team of brush removal experts. By that, we mean down and dirty, hardworking, brush chipping savages able to access your property and annihilate any bush, shrub, or vine in the area. Monkeyman’s brush clearing employs quite a few shrub destroying hellions. We call them “wood chipping extrodinaires”.

No matter what you elect to refer to them as, our guys don’t make jokes about dead tree removal, wood chipping, brush chipping, or any other service that demands thorough liquidation of plant life by means of intense manual labor combined with the ultimate in shrub scarfing machinery.

Our teams’ wood and brush chipping services throughout Oregon City, OR are truly affordable, and our staff of brush chipping animals is intimidated by nothing. We purge properties of the worst shrubs in the city of Oregon City, OR and welcome the opportunity to assist you with all of your  hedge removal, wood chipping, or brush clearing  requirements.

Contact us for a free wood chipping or brush chipping estimate – (503) 358-8754.