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Brush Removal Portland, OR

Brush removal in Portland is a service that Monkeyman’s provides to residents in need of blackberry removal, shrub removal, hedge removal, arborvitae removal, as well as any other dead or living pain in your landscape. We can access any area and our brush removal crews can eliminate dead bushes or yard debri in a matter of seconds with our state of the art wood chippers.

We also provide on site wood chipping, and brush chipping services. Many of our customers use the chipped brush and chipped wood for projects throughout their landscape and we are happy to leave the yard materials on site to use as a sustainable source of nutrients for their home gardens or compost.

No matter how big or small your brush removal needs are in Portland, we can help. From tearing out the hedges on the side of your house, to scaling a hillside full of dense blackberry bushes we’ve got you covered. (Don’t tell our crews that we put the part about blackberry bushes on the website…)

Call us today for all of your brush removal and wood chipping needs – we will be happy to provide you with a free brush removal estimate (503) 358-8754.