Proof of Worker's Compensation

The tree service industry is riddled with fly-by-nights, and people that simply choose not to carry the necessary license, bond and insurance. At any time, you can call our insurance broker, Matt Minehan at (503) 585-1544 to request a personalized copy of our insurance with today’s date.

Proof of Oregon Bond

Even experienced tree cutters can make mistakes, and even the most careful, most prepared tree service can’t account for unforeseen accidents. That is why we carry $1,000,000 of general liability insurance, and full worker’s compensation insurance. We don’t cut corners, we cut prices.

Proof of General Liability Insurance

Insurance is vitally important! When you hire a tree service company, you ABSOLUTELY MUST VERIFY THEIR INSURANCE. Tree cutting is far more dangerous than many people realize. Each year hundreds are injured, and thousands of dollars of damage occur as a result of tree service mishaps.

Who is responsible for uninsured property damages?

You are!
As unfortunate as this is, you are responsible for any injury, property damage, or claims against you for accidents on your property. If you hire a tree service that does not carry liability insurance, you must cover the damages caused by the company.

Who is responsible for uninsured accidents on my property?

You are!
Again, if a tree service company in Portland does work on your property, YOU are responsible for covering injuries sustained as a result of doing work on your property. When someone gets injured on your property and they aren’t covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance you are liable and can be sued for the damages.

Can't I just hire someone off of Craigslist to take my tree down?

It’s America. You can do whatever you want. If the reputable company you hired off of Craigslist drops a tree on your neighbor’s house and doesn’t have insurance, you get to pay for it. If your homeowner’s insurance covers uninsured work (which it probably doesn’t) then your rates will likely increase.

Doesn't my homeowner's insurance cover uninsured work done on my property?

If you decided to save a few bucks on your insurance, you are more than likely going to have a bad day if the company you hired caused damages and is not insured. Legally, if your homeowner’s insurance doesn’t cover work done by uninsured companies, and a company you hired drops a tree on your neighbor’s house, you will be required to cover the costs – out of pocket.

A first class example of the worst idea EVER:

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