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Crown Reduction Service Portland

Portland trees are what make the area so beautiful. The green environment is one of the things that make Portland so awesome. Many times trees in Portland grow all too well, and need to be managed by a professional Tree Service in Portland. When trees get too tall, they may be in need of a crown reduction.

By reducing the height of your tree’s crown, Monkeyman’s can control growth of your tree without the need for topping. Tree topping is not a practice that we encourage, and, as a healthy alternative, we can use our bucket trucks and professional tree climbers to give your tree a needed trim.

As your tree grows it may encroach on power lines, buildings, eaves, or other structures that can cause hazards if left untreated. When this happens, our tree crown reduction specialists will remove height from your tree and reduce the risk of contact with other structures or objects.

Our crown reduction services are affordable and they are a great way to save your tree from being topped. Call us and get a free tree crown reduction estimate at (503) 358-8754 and see why Monkeyman’s is the best in the business.