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Crown Thinning Service Portland

When Portland trees are left to their own devices, they do what trees do best; they grow. Without the proper maintenance and care, trees can grow to be too big for their own good, and too big for the good of those around them. Many trees in Portland need to have their crown thinned to allow for healthy growth and, as well, to prevent them from coming down in wind storms.

Trees that have thick and dense foliage are essentially a giant sail, which can catch enough air to bring even the healthiest trees with solid root structures to the ground in no time. Our professional crown thinning services in Portland are affordable, and allow for more air and light to pass through your tree’s crown. This not only prevents downed trees during high wind, but it promotes healthy growth for your tree as more light can reach the interior leaves that provide food for your tree.

Each one of our crown thinning specialists brings valuable knowledge and understands proper thinning techniques.

When you need an affordable and reliable crown thinning service that you can count on, call Monkeyman’s at (503) 358-8754.