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Dead Tree Removal Portland

Dead tree removal is a Portland tree service that is absolutely necessary. Not only do dead trees bring with them a multitude of safety concerns, but dead trees can harbor infestations, diseases and insects that can spread to neighboring trees.

Removing a dead tree should take place as soon as possible. When a dead tree lingers about, it is only a matter of time before wind, insects, or a nasty week of serious rainfall bring the tree down. If a dead tree has already come down, we can eliminate further risks by using state of the art equipment and highly trained professionals to extract the tree quickly and safely.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service offers the best in dead tree removal throughout Portland and the surrounding areas. Our teams are qualified for even the nastiest tree removals. Whether your tree is still standing or has fallen on a home or property, we can help.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service provides dead tree removal services at rates that are beyond competitive. Our reputation and our services speak for themselves.

Call us today for a free dead tree removal estimate at (503) 358-8754.