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Emergency Tree Removal Aloha Oregon

Oregon is known to have a wind storm or two throughout the year. Wind and rain create an environment for trees to come down, or uproot. If you have a downed tree, hanging tree, or leaning tree that poses a threat to your safety or the safety of your property, call us now at (503) 964-3663 for an emergency tree removal in Aloha. Trees that have uprooted are a major task to remove without the right tools and the right time. We bring both with us to every emergency tree removal. Our bucket truck can reach 77 feet and we have access to the best cranes in the business to execute the aerial lifting of tree sections.

We have responded to storms all across the United states including Hurricane Katrina, and Hurricane Sandy. Our expert tree removal technicians combined with our top of the line tree removal equipment come together to make a bad day much better. Our company is also fully licensed, bonded and insured.

Safety is our absolute biggest priority on an emergency tree removal. If possible, we always carry out a pre-extraction meeting to make sure that each one of our team members knows what is expected of them during the emergency extraction.