Tree Removal Company

Hazadous Tree Removal Aloha, Oregon

When trees come down you need a professional tree removal company with years of experience and the right tools to extract the tree safely. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has over 30 years of experience with hazardous tree removals.

Hazardous tree removal can include; “Hangers”, trees that are hanging in other trees or another object; “Leaners”, trees that are leaning on houses, cars or other objects; as well as trees that have come down completely and the situation in which they are setting requires the use of a crane, or specialized knowledge of hazardous tree removal techniques. Throughout the years we have gained a reputation for provide fast and effective tree removal under even the most hazardous conditions.

During a hazardous tree removal we can employ the use of an aerial lift, or a crane, to assist with bracing the tree as our tree removal experts remove portions of the tree safely. We also use state of the art rigging and roping to ensure that each section of the tree is lowered to the ground in a controlled manner.

If you have need for a professional tree removal company that can handle hazardous and difficult to remove trees, call us today at (503) 358-8754.