Tree Removal Company

Land Clearing Sherwood, Oregon

Monkeyman’s Tree Service offers full land clearing services to Sherwood, OR. We are licensed, bonded and insured, and carry full workman’s compensation on all Sherwood land clearing employees. We have over 30 years of land clearing experience and have maintained a perfect safety record. Our perfect safety record helps us to keep our insurance costs low so we can provide you with the lowest possible land clearing costs. Monkeyman’s Tree Service works with developers and individuals alike. Our apparel customer service and commitment to getting land clearing jobs done quickly and done right sets us apart as Sherwood Oregon’s, land clearing experts.

We will remove all stumps, brush, shrubs, brush piles, trees, blackberries, vines, arborvitae and vegetation from your land. We work closely with our customer to make sure that if there are any trees or structures you wish to have left on the property that we work exactly to your specifications. No matter what the land clearing Sherwood, OR job, Monkeyman’s Tree Service will give you the best possible land clearing experience. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service and find out why so many choose us as their land clearing Sherwood Oregon experts.