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Ornamental Tree Pruning Aloha, OR

Pruning ornamental trees requires knowledge of correct tree pruning practices as well as a vast knowledge of tree species and their reaction to pruning. Many ornamental tree pruning companies in Aloha will be happy to prune your tree any time of year, without warning you of the consequences. At the same time, the wrong type of pruning performed on your trees can create much bigger problems for your landscape and your trees.

Each tree is different, and while some trees can be pruned any time of year with little or no bad effects, some deciduous trees can become injured or turn into a “bleeder” where tree sap flows indefinitely creating a huge mess and eyesore. Pruning a tree the incorrect way can cause the tree to create shoots, which are weak and look terrible.

We believe in honesty and integrity when it comes to tree pruning. If you want your ornamental trees pruned the right way the first time, put your trust in the hands of Monkeyman’s Tree Service. Our tree pruners have the knowledge and skill required to make your ornamental trees shine, each one properly trained for the task at hand.

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