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Stump Removal Beaverton, Oregon

Stump removal Beaverton, OR is a service that Monkeyman’s Tree Service is proud to offer Beaverton residence. We have over 30 years of stump removal experience and are absolute experts when it comes to removing stumps from tough places. We have state of the art stump removal equipment that can remove even the largest Beaverton, OR stumps.

When you leave stumps on your property for long periods of time they become housing for all kinds of infestations, including, bees, carpenter ants, termites and more. Hiring Monkeyman’s Tree Service to perform a Beaverton, OR stump removal propbably costs less than you think. We strive to keep our prices low and our customer service high.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service will remove any stump quickly and within minutes your ugly stump will be replaced with usable mulch. We remove well below the grounds surface so that you land is immediately ready to plant new plants or trees in the place of the stump we just removed.

If you have a stump that has been taking up space and creating an eye soar on your property, call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today to get a free stump removal Beaverton, OR estimate.