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Stump Removal Lake Oswego

Are you tired of mowing around that ugly stump? Do you want to show your neighbors that contrary to their belief you actually to give a hoot about the maintenance of your landscape? If you want a Lake Oswego stump removal at a fair price, call Monkeyman’s Tree Service.

Leaving a stumps in your yard is an invitation for pests, fungi, rot and other unwanted side effects of left behind tree remnants. They aren’t pretty and they attract bugs and diseases that can spread to other wood sources on your property, like your house. Monkeyman’s Tree Service uses state of the art stump grinding equipment to get your stump out of your landscape for good. We grind the stump to 8 or so inches below the surface so that you can resod the area or install a more attractive landscape feature.

Our Lake Oswego stump grinding service is fast, professional and more than affordable. All of our stump grinding technicians practice safety and we are always able to provide proof of our insurance, bond and Oregon CCB license.

When you are ready to move forward with the beauty of your landscape and leave your stump behind, call Monkeyman’s Tree Service at (503) 964-3663 and get a free estimate for stump removal in Lake Oswego.