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Tree Surgeon Portland, OR

Trees require proper care and maintenance by qualified and experienced tree surgeons. Trees are truly majestic; they have the ability fight infections and can heal themselves from wounds sustained during the course of tree surgery – provided, of course, that the surgery was performed by an experienced and knowledgeable tree surgeon.

Getting Portland area trees trimmed, pruned or removed by anyone other than a Portland tree surgeon is like going to Tijuana to have a leg amputated. More than likely, someone who actually knows what they are doing will have to come back to correct the botched job later on down the road. Every tree trimming job is, in fact, a surgery performed on a tree.

As professional tree surgeons in Portland, we are constantly called to jobs where trees are struggling to recover from less-than-qualified tree surgery.

Our experienced team of qualified tree surgeons understands how to perform tree surgery in ways that are healthy for your tree and allow the tree to not only recover from tree surgery, but also thrive and bounce back with enhanced growth.

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