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Tree Trimming Hillsboro Oregon

Monkeyman’s is locally owned in Portland and performs high quality tree trimming in Hillsboro, OR including the surrounding cities. Monkeyman’s Tree Service specializes in all forms of tree trimming, including shaping and thinning. We have more than 30 years of professional tree trimming experience and knowledge trimming all species of trees.

An inexperienced tree trimmer may just make a poor and innocent tree appear as if it was just trimmed by a 3 year old toting a wood chipper. Due to that fact, our company employs highly trained tree trimmers who use selective pruning techniques engineered to safeguard your tree. By trimming your trees correctly, our professional tree trimmers are able to eliminate only the right limbs and branches depending on the individual needs of the tree. Our professionals have the training to correct tree growth issues as well as all possible aesthetic problems.

Our professional services are designed for those wanting the most professional tree trimming specialists. We all understand honesty and customer service and will go the extra mile to achieve excellent customer service. Call the professionals at Monkeyman’s right away and experience the best in tree trimming Hillsboro– (503) 964-3663.