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Tree Trimming Orchards Washington

Our company has always been locally owned and operated in Portland, Oregon and performs the best tree trimming to Orchards, Washington as well the surrounding cities. We are experts in trimming, thinning, cleaning and pruning trees. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has 30+ years of experience trimming trees that can go to work for you.

Trimming trees incorrectly might just make a perfectly healthy tree appear like it has been pruned by a senile blue hair sporting a butter knife. That’s why, Monkeyman’s Tree Service hires only the most experienced tree trimmers and we practice industry standard pruning methods designed for the protection of your tree. Because we understand proper tree trimming techniques, our tree trimming experts can manipulate growth paths and  possible health concerns.

Our services in Orchards are designed for residences that need the most reputable tree trimming specialists around. Our professionals believe in honesty and integrity and area always willing to go the extra mile to bring you the best service possible. Contact the professionals at Monkeyman’s today to experience the best tree trimmers in the Orchards area – (503) 964-3663.