Tree Removal Company

Tree Trimming Sherwood Oregon

Monkeyman’s is locally owned and operated in the Portland Metro area and performs professional tree trimming throughout Sherwood, Oregon and also the nearby areas. Monkeyman’s specializes in selective pruning methods for tree trimming. We have 30+ years of professional tree trimming experience and knowledge that can go to work for you and your trees.

Hiring a tree trimmer with limited experience may just make your tree look as if it has been a survivor of a senile blue hair that performed the procedure with safety scissors and a dull knife. That’s why, Monkeyman’s Tree Service uses the best tree trimming professionals who use selective trimming methods engineered to safeguard trees and their longevity. By using the correct tree trimming methods, our teams have the training to change growth paths as well as  possible aesthetic concerns.

Our tree trimming services are great for residences that desire the highest trained tree trimming experts in the business. Our professionals uphold customer service and go above and beyond to bring you the best service possible.  Contact our professional tree trimmers now and receive the best tree trimmers in Sherwood – (503) 964-3663.