Tree Removal Company

Tree Trimming West Linn Oregon

Our company is locally owned in the Portland Metro area and performs high quality tree trimming services in West Linn, Oregon and also the nearby communities. We excel in tree pruning, tree trimming, crown thinning, flocking, and cleaning. Monkeyman’s has more than 30 years of experience in the tree trimming field.

Improper tree trimming practices may make your tree appear as if it was hacked up by a senile blue hair delicately using safety scissors. Due to that fact, Monkeyman’s Tree Service hires the best tree trimming specialists that practice industry standard trimming techniques designed to protect trees and the safety of your property. Because we use proper tree trimming methods, our professional tree trimmers are able to eliminate only the right limbs depending on the tree’s specific needs. Our tree trimming crews are able to change tree growth issues and  necessary safety issues.

Our professional services are great for families and businesses that need the highest trained tree trimming specialists in West Linn. We all understand integrity and go the extra mile to get the job done right. Call Monkeyman’s today and receive the best in tree trimming – (503) 964-3663.