What to Know Before Hiring a Land Clearing Company

What to Know Before Hiring a Land Clearing Company

chipping brush in order to clear land

Finding the right land-clearing contractors for your job can make a difficult task much more manageable. If you need to prepare your land for a construction project or many other uses, land clearing is usually one of the very first needs that have to be addressed.

Great land and woods clearing service will take on the strategy, manual labor, and all tasks associated with this type of site preparation.

Let’s quickly review what land clearing is and take a closer look at why partnering with a land clearing company is often the best choice, as opposed to taking on the work yourself. Then, we’ll highlight some crucial factors that help to distinguish the very best land-clearing companies from the rest of the pack.

What is Land Clearing?

The USDA defines land clearing as “removing trees, stumps, and other vegetation from wooded areas.”

While the USDA focuses on land clearing for forest conservation, many landowners want their land cleared to make it usable for a construction project or other needs. Land clearing companies can help.

Why It Makes Sense to Work With Land Clearing Companies

In most cases, you probably don’t want to clear your land yourself.

You might be thinking “But you’re a land clearing company! Of course, you’d say that!”. So, why listen to us?

Because despite being a simple concept, land clearing is not usually an easy job. Let’s look at what makes land clearing so complex.

Heavy Equipment Used by Land Clearing Businesses

Land clearing companies have access to, and plenty of training and experience with, tools that the general public doesn’t normally use. That includes:

  • Bucket trucks
  • Cranes
  • Commercial brush hogs for brush removal
  • Chippers
  • Heavy-duty stump grinders

You can learn to use these tools safely, but it requires a significant amount of time and training. Our team regularly receives training and builds practical experience in the field.

Professional Land Clearing Services Know How to Make a Strategic Plan

Experienced land-clearing experts have completed all sorts of jobs in the past. They know how to conduct a land survey and build a strategic plan that ensures land clearing is both efficient and effective. That saves you money without sacrificing quality.

For individuals without that same experience, it can be very difficult to make an efficient plan and avoid extra work.

The scale of Work: The Benefits of Trained Land Clearing Team 

When you hire trustworthy professionals, you can count on a complete team dedicated to your job until it’s truly finished.

If you clear land yourself, you may be the only person working, or one of just a few. It’s dangerous work that we sincerely believe is best left to the experts in most cases.

The cost to clear land varies depending on a variety of specifics. We invite you to request an estimate and compare it to the money, time, and effort you’d need to invest to complete the job yourself.


Finding a Truly Exceptional Land Clearing Company

When you start looking for land clearing companies and requesting quotes, make sure they have the right answers to these questions.

Can You Clear All of the Brush, Trees, Stumps, Logs, and Overgrowth From My Land?

A great land-clearing company will have the equipment for stump grinding and all other common land-clearing tasks on hand. They’ll also ensure all trees are removed safely, and that same safety standard applies to others on the land.

Can You Retain Certain Trees, Shrubs, and Other Desirable Growth?

Many building sites use existing trees and shrubs to provide shade, beautify the landscape, and serve as landmarks. Make sure the land clearing and tree service you choose can do more than just clear everything from a parcel of land.

Are You Licensed, Bonded, and Insured?

A “Yes” answer is critical to determine if a land clearing company is reliable and takes business regulations seriously. Be sure they have business and workers’ compensation insurance. There’s no reason to work with a company that can’t check off these boxes.

Do Your Employees Know How to Work Safely? Do They Use Personal Protective Equipment?

Again, there’s no reason a land clearing company should ever have an answer besides “Yes” to this question. If they hesitate or sound unsure, it may be a sign that they cut corners on safety — and that’s simply not acceptable.

Is Your Company Accredited by the Better Business Bureau?

Accreditation by the BBB demonstrates a commitment to excellent customer service and positive results for all projects. Find our BBB accreditation here.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service: Your Land Clearing Partner

We’re proud to say that we can confidently answer all of the above questions with a resounding “Yes!”

We have the equipment and experienced technicians to get any lot cleared quickly to any specifications. And to do so safely and consistently. Learn more about our land-clearing services!