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Wind Thinning Service Aloha, Oregon

Wind Thinning is a pruning technique that allows for much more wind to pass through the interior branches and limbs of the tree. Trees absolutely need to be thinned regularly to ensure that they do not come down in a storm.

The Portland metro area sees a few good wind storms in cases where wind speeds reach 30MPH to 45MPH. Wind can be a great thing for trees. Wind is what many trees rely on for pollination. However, too much wind can bring a thick tree to the ground, causing a terrible scare for those around.

Wind thinning is a preventative action taken to lessen the chance of a tree catching wind and breaking at major limbs, breaking at the trunk itself, or in a worst case scenario, uprooting and coming down completely. A wind thinning procedure is much less expensive than an emergency tree removal and is a responsible decision when it comes to caring for your trees and those around you.

We provide professional and affordable wind thinning services to Aloha and the surrounding area. To get a free wind thinning quote, call us at (503) 358-8754.