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Brush Removal Hillsboro, Oregon

Hedges like arborvitae, and brush chipping projects can very well be a tremendous undertaking unless you have a skilled team of brush removal experts. Specifically, we mean down and dirty, hard working, brush chipping maniacs able to access any property to remove every bush, shrub, hedge or vine within reach. Monkeyman’s employs a number of hedge-terminating leviathans, we call them “Matt and Mike”.

No matter what you call them, they mean business when it comes to plant removal, and every other form of work calling for the thorough elimination of plant life by way of fierce physical labor joined with cutting edge plant digesting technology.

Our company’s brush removal and clearing service in and around Hillsboro are more than a good price, and our eager lineup of wood chipping maniacs is intimidated by nothing. Our brush clearing teams remove the meanest bushes throughout Hillsboro, OR and they look forward to assisting you with all  hedge removal, wood chipping, or brush clearing  projects.

Get in touch with us today for a free brush removal or wood chipping quote at (503) 964-3663.