Stump Grinding Portland Oregon

After a tree has been removed, a stump is left with all of its roots. The only option for effective stump removal is to grind out the stump and remove it to prevent the tree from re-sprouting a new tree in place of the old one. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been performing Portland, OR stump grinding for more than 30 years.

Portland Stump Grinding by Monkeyman's Tree Service

Monkey Man’s stump grinding services are professional and affordable no matter where you live in the Portland Metro Area.

We pride ourselves on leaving you with a job you can feel good about, at a price that will make you feel more than comfortable.

Removing a stump is as easy as giving us a call for a free quote. Monkey Man’s Tree Service offers state of the art stump grinding and stump removal. The best option is to be proactive and get stumps removed as soon as you take town a tree but we understand that with some companies, this just isn’t an option. Monkey Mans Tree Service includes stump removal with all of our Portland OR tree removals. If you have stumps around your property that need to be removed, stop putting it off!  We are competitively priced and many people are surprised that it costs a lot less than you may think to get a stump removed. Monkey Man’s Tree Service is licensed, bonded and insured. We carry a million dollars of insurance and we have workmans compensation insurance on all of our employees.

We are very efficient and can get to your stump and back out of your yard without tearing up your landscape. Stump grinding restores the beauty of your lawn and landscape; giving you the option to level the area and plant grass, shrubs, or even another tree.

Don’t leave your stump in the ground; contact Monkey Man’s Tree Service for a free stump grinding or removal quote today!

Common Reasons for Stump Grinding in Portland

Diseased Stump Removal

Trees take a lot of time and care to grow into mature healthy beautiful contributions to your landscape aesthetics. Watching a tree that you have cared for and helped mature become infected with disease and even die, is tough. Trees just like people can get diseases and become sick. Infectious tree mold and diseases can spread quickly and can wipe out your entire tree population. Rotting tree stumps are perfect habitats for mold, fungus and diseases to grow. Leaving tree stumps on your property can be dangerous to every other tree and plant that you have on your property. Infectious tree diseases just like in humans can spread quickly and can infect an entire area. The money that you will pay to get a stump on your property removed can save you thousands in the long run by not having to pay for treatments and, or replacements for every other tree and plant on your property. Making sure that you remove a stump on your property is not something that should be put off. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today and get a stump grinding, Portland, OR quote. We will remove your stump and leave you with peace of mind that the rest of your trees are safe from infections that lurk in rotting stumps. A customer service representative is standing by waiting to talk with you about your Portland, OR stump. (503) 358-8754

Insect Infested Stump Removal

The biggest danger by far that stumps pose to your property is that they can quickly become infested with bugs.  As a stump rots and softens it becomes the perfect home for many unpleasant things. Allowing an infestation to take up residence on your property can be a big mistake. Termites, carpenter ants and bees are the main culprits in the Portland OR, area. An infestation starting out in a dead stump can quickly move to your home or to other healthy trees on the property. Insects like this can cause an unfathomable amount of damage if not caught early. These are not things you want anywhere near your home! Oregon and Washington’s carpenter ant population is the worst offender. They absolutely love rotting stumps this is the perfect habitat of them. They will destroy your home’s structure from the inside out. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service and get a free quote for stump grinding Portland, OR. We are a fast, affordable local company that puts customer service and safety above everything else. Don’t wait till it is too late and you have a full infestation on your hands to call and get a stump removal quote. Call today and find out how simple and affordable removing a stump really is. (503) 358-8754


Mowing Around Your Stump

It can take up to 10 years depending on the stump for it to decay all the way.  Think seriously about how many times you will mow your yard over the course of 10 years. It’s a lot. When you mow around a stump it is impossible to get up close to the stump. What this means is that you will either have to weed eat around the stump each time you mow your yard or leave the grass. If you chose to leave the grass growing around your stump it will make your yard look even worse than just the stump and it will also become a hazard because you won’t be able to see the stump and can trip over it. Having Monkeyman’s tree service perform a quick stump removal for you will be well worth it in future time and effort you would have spent weed eating and mowing around the stump and the  possible injury liability potential. Clients of our are regularly surprised at how inexpensive it can be to have us come out and perform a stump grinding service on your stumps. Your stumps will be removed quickly and leave you with a yard that you can be proud of. You have better things to do than mow around that stump! Call us today for a free quote on any Portland stump grinding job. (503) 358-8754

Stumps Are Tripping Hazards

You would not believe the amount of people who have hurt themselves tripping over a left over stump in their yard after a tree removal. At night or in limited visibility they can be hard to see and can cause serious injury. Often because stumps are hard to mow around there is tall grass surrounding the stumps which furthers the danger that they present to your property. There is a good chance that you know where the stumps on your property are and you avoid them. The problem often occurs when there are others visiting your property that are less familiar with your dead decaying tree stump placements. It can end up being a big liability for you and your family. The last thing that you want is to be involved in a lawsuit because you didn’t remove a simple stump off your property. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today. We will make quick work of any stump on your property.

(503) 358-8754.

Stumps Look Bad

Stumps left in your yard are a true eye soar. They look bad that’s all there is to it. You have a beautiful landscape and a dead or decaying stump left in your yard. It is not attractive. It has been proven over and over that a well taken care of yard and tree landscape will increase the value of your home. Leaving a stump to die in your yard to rot s one of the most common landscape mistakes people make. Getting the dead stump removed from your yard will make an incredible difference in the overall aesthetics of your home. Tree stumps can take close to ten years depending on the size and type of tree stump to fully rot and decay. That is too long to be looking at the landscape atrocity that is your leftover stump. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service and use our stump grinding services. It is a quick service and costs a lot less than you probably think.  Give us a call today for a free estimate on any stump removal job you have. (503) 358-8754

Creating Usable Ground

When you remove a stump from your property, one of the things that it does is it creates usable ground so you can plant something new. When stump grinding is performed correctly the stump is ground down well below the surface of the ground. This allows new root systems to thrive even the root systems of another tree. Stump grinding provides a chemical free way of removing your stump quickly and without much hassle so that you can plant a new landscape. If the stump was in the middle of the yard stump grinding allows you to cover the place that the stump was immediately with dirt and plant grass. It will grow with no hassle over the place the stump was.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service is happy to give suggestions after performing a Portland, OR stump removal of what tree should be planted next. You always want to look to the future and make sure that you don’t plant a tree that will grow to be a problem or safety hazard in the future, leading to another tree removal down the road. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today and find out what it would cost to have your stump removed so you can get your usable ground back. (503) 358-8754.

Other stump grinding companies in Portland Oregon are expensive. Not Monkeyman’s.

We provide a LOW COST solution for each and every Portland Stump Removal.

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Residential & Commercial Stump Grinding

Monkeyman’s Tree Service will provide you with residential and commercial stump grinding at a low cost. We have been doing stump grinding in Portland, OR, for more than 30 years

Residential Stump Grinding

We have been providing residential stump grinding for Portland, OR, residences for more than 30 years. All too often when trees are removed a stump is left behind. This can not only be an eye soar but can lead to infestations and diseases that can spread to your other healthy trees. Monkeyman’s Tree Service can have any size tree stump removed very quickly and its less money to do than you might think. We are committed to being a low cost solution for all stump removals in Portland, OR. There is no job to big or too small for Monkeyman’s Tree Service. Call us today and get a free quote!  (503) 358-8754.

Commercial Stump Grinding

At Monkeyman’s Tree Service we are experts at commercial stump removals. If you have a lot that needs to be cleared of hundreds of stumps we have the high powered stump grinders to make short work of any commercial stump removal job. Or if you just have one stump at your business that needs to be removed and you are looking for a professional company that will come in without tearing up your landscape remove the stump and clean up afterwards. Monkeyman’s Tree Service is the company to call. We have been serving Portland Oregon’s stump grinding needs for more than 30 years. (503) 358-8754.

Portland Tree Removal FAQs

Do I need to get a permit to have my stump removed?

Most of the time the answer is no. If the stump is on your property having stump grinding performed should be as easy as giving Monkeyman’s Tree Service a call and scheduling a time for us to come out to your home or business.

How much does stump grinding cost?

This depends on a number of things including, type of stump, location of stump, how many inches or feet the diameter is and how many stumps you need removed. We may want to come out to your home and look at the stump and give you an estimate that way, but often times with stump grinding we can ask a few questions and give you a quote over the phone.

Do you have a copy of your license, bond and insurance that you can show before starting a job?


We are happy to provide you with copies of our license, insurance and bond certificates. We always recommend that you give any tree service company’s insurance agent a call and get a copy of insurance paperwork with today’s date on it so you can verify their coverage for your own safety.  We will always provide you with copies upon request and we carry a million dollar insurance policy for every Portland, OR, stump grinding job we complete.

What type of stump grinders do you have?

Monkey Man’s Tree Service has a wide variety of stump grinders. We can remove any stump large or small. We have stump grinders that are perfect for getting into small confined spaces and ones that will demolish huge stumps in a matter of minutes. Whatever your stump grinding needs we are the company to call. Our stump grinders are powerful and grind down a foot or more below the ground surface. Grinding down so deep ensures that you will be able to plant new plants or trees and the root base will have plenty of room to grow. Our stump grinders will have your stump removed often within a matter of minutes and turned into saw dust and wood chips.

How long will a stump removal take?

This depends on the size of the stump the location of your stump and type of tree that your stump came from. Once we get our grinder to your stump often it is only a matter of minutes before your stump is completely removed. Overall it is a quick and painless and our clients tell us over and over that they wished they would have made the call sooner!

Are you a tree service company that provides workers compensation on employees?

Workers compensation is by far the biggest expense of any tree service company that is operating legally in the Portland, OR, region. Workers compensation is very expensive for the tree service industry because tree service and stump grinding can be very dangerous for the employee and for the home owner. When you hire a tree service company that does not have workers compensation, anything that happens to the workers on your property is your responsibility and you can be held liable. Monkeyman’s Tree Service carries full workers compensation on all of our employees. We are able to keep our prices down by having a perfect safety record. We always put safety first in every Portland, OR, stump grinding job that we do. Our commitment to safety enables us to pass the saving onto our customers.

Are your stump grinder operators experienced?

Our team of stump grinding operators are very knowledgeable on the best methods for getting stumps out of the ground. They have years of experience using stump grinding machines and have extensive safety training on them. Stump grinders are dangerous and people get hurt every year trying to rent small ones to remove their stumps. When it comes to stump grinding, let the experts do the work.

Can leaving a stump in the ground hurt anything?

Yes, leaving a stump in the ground at your Portland, OR, residence can have a number of unpleasant consequences. Stumps can be a tripping hazard as well as lead to infestations and be a home for disease and fungus that can spread to other healthy trees on your property. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today to get a Portland, OR stump removed today. (503) 358-8754

Can you give us the names of some of your previous stump grinding customers?


We have been performing stump grinding in Portland, OR for more than 30 years. We have a long list of customers who love us and a lot of our customer base is from referrals. We take customer service seriously and we believe a stump grinding job is complete only when the customer is happy. You can read more about stump removals we have done on our website or feel free to give us a call and we will be happy to give you a list of previous customers who will be happy to talk with you about the work we have done for them. (503) 358-8754.