Every tree is unique and requires different pruning techniques. For expert-level care backed by 30 years of experience, call Monkeyman’s for Portland, OR, tree trimming service.

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Tree Pruning and Trimming in Portland

Every tree is unique and requires different pruning techniques. For expert-level care backed by 30 years of experience, call Monkeyman’s for Portland, OR, tree trimming service. Give Us a Call At (503) 358-8754 Schedule An Estimate


The state of Oregon, including the Portland area, is well known for having a lot of amazing trees. While the trees can provide your property with some great shade and aesthetic beauty, they do require some work to keep up. This includes tree pruning and trimming that can be used to improve the appearance of your tree and keep it healthy. For those that are in this area, hiring a professional service such as Monkeyman's Tree Service for all of your tree trimming and pruning needs is a good idea.

Effective and Quality Work

One of the main reasons to hire a professional when you need to have your trees trimmed is that it can be effective and quality work. Anyone that has tried to trim a tree or hedge on their own will know that it can be difficult to make the plant look balanced. When you call a professional, such as Monkeyman's Tree Service, the team will make your trees and plants look great. Not only will this improve your curb appeal, but it can also help keep the plants healthy and strong.


Another reason to call a professional for your tree trimming needs is that it is a safer alternative. If you are not experienced with tree trimming, you will need a ladder, saws, clippers, and other tools to help keep the trees trimmed. If you are not experienced or knowledgeable, you could be taking on a lot of risk and safety concerns. When you call a tree trimming service, they will have the experience and equipment to do this safely. They will also have full insurance and licensure in place, which will be beneficial if there is an accident.

If you are looking for a professional tree trimming and pruning service in the Portland area, you should call the team from Monkeyman's Tree Service as soon as you can. This company has been a leading tree service in the area since 2008. Today, the family and locally-owned business offers a variety of services that can help you care for your trees and keep your property looking great.

Portland Tree Trimming by Monkeyman's Tree Service

The continuous rainfall in the Pacific Northwest is great for trees. It allows trees to grow, and grow, and grow! Portland trees need to be trimmed to keep the danger to a minimum, and aesthetics to their max.

Keeping your trees trimmed means that your trees can live long and beautiful lives, without having to undergo massive tree surgery or total removal due to limb breakage and loss.

When trees become overgrown, they can get too close to buildings, utility lines, and adjacent residential and commercial properties. Tree trimming in Portland, Oregon, helps to stop trees from interfering with the very developed and active urban landscape in our area.

Local real estate agents will tell you that a properly maintained tree will increase your home’s value by thousands of dollars. It takes years and years for a tree to fully mature. It is in your best interest and just makes the most investment sense to take care of and maintain the trees on your property.

At Monkeyman’s tree Service, an exact science and a graceful art form come together in our approach to tree trimming.

There is an exact science when it comes to trimming trees. Without specific knowledge and years of experience, you can severely damage a tree. There are growth paths that will encourage a tree to grow in a way that will give it a healthy, beautiful future.

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Monkeyman's Tree Service certified arborist Donald Wallace pruning a native Douglas-fir tree
Pruning a native dogwood tree for beauty

The Difference Between Tree Trimming and Tree Pruning

Tree trimming and tree pruning both refer to related processes of cutting back and removing parts of a tree to support its overall health and aesthetic beauty.

Pruning branches and trimming trees both support the long-term viability of your trees. We offer tree pruning across Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding area as well as tree trimming.

At the same time, no two trees are the same. There is a true art to making a tree look beautiful when you are finished with it, bringing out each tree’s natural beauty and character.

At Monkeyman’s Tree Service, we strive to make the best possible decisions when it comes to your trees. If you hire an inexperienced tree service company and they cut off the wrong limb on your tree, it will take years for the tree to look right again. It could cause permanent damage to your tree.

This is where our 30+ years of experience make all the difference in tree care. You can count on quality work that takes both the art and science of tree trimming into account.

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Portland Tree Pruning FAQs

Will I need a permit for a Portland tree pruning

In most cases, yes. You will need a permit to prune a tree in the city of Portland.

Click here to find permits by the city.

When is the best time to prune a tree?

The Fall and Winter are the best time for tree pruning. During these seasons deciduous trees are going into dormancy. Evergreen trees are not having to deal with the heat and stress of the Summer time.

Pruning during the Fall and Winter will also help encourage root growth. We encourage all of our customers to hold off on pruning until the fall and winter if appropriate.

For a free estimate on pruning, call us at (503)-358-8754.

why should I prune my tree?

Pruning a tree can help manage health, improve aesthetics, provide clearance, and more.

All of our certified arborists are trained in each aspect of pruning a tree. For example, retrenchment (regenerative) pruning is done when a valued tree is declining. This type of pruning encourages epicormic growth and mimics the natural process of removing dead or decaying branches. However, this type of pruning should only be done on specific trees and species.

If you have any more concerns regarding pruning please call one of our certified arborists at (503)-358-8754.


Can you provide a current copy of your licensed, insurance and bond information?


We carry copies of our insurance and license on each tree pruning and removal job. However, the best way to verify whether a company has insurance, or not, is to call the insurance agent directly or to request a copy that is made out to you with your name on it and the current date.

In any case, we are happy to provide you with a copy of our insurance coverage, bond, and Oregon or Washington Contractors license.

You can view a copy of our insurance certificate

How much does it cost to prune a tree?

The cost of pruning depends on a number of factors, namely; the height of the tree, the risks involving the condition of the tree, the terrain, and the accessibility of the tree.

An 80-foot tree sandwiched between 2 multi-million dollar homes on a cliffside containing 18 bees nests is going to cost a bit more than a 10-foot apple tree in the middle of a field (and no bees nests).

Will the tree pruning process take long?

The time in which it takes to prune a tree depends on many of the same conditions that determine the cost of a tree pruning, like the height, conditions, and accessibility of the tree.

Most average to small trees can be pruned, chipped, and hauled away in 2-5 hours. Larger trees that require climbing, are hard to access and are very large, which may take a day or two. Either way, we will give you an estimated time before we begin work to make sure that we are all on the same page.

Do you carry workers compensation insurance on your employees?


We carry worker’s compensation on all of our employees. Without worker’s compensation, you could be liable for any injuries sustained by a tree service employee while working on your property.

Worker’s compensation insurance for tree pruning and removal companies in Portland is among the highest insurance coverage for any industry.

We have never had a claim and we intend to keep it that way.

Can I prune my own tree

Pruning a tree is technical and requires years of experience. All of our arborists have studied the ANSI A300 which is the standard for tree pruning around the world.

If you prune your tree incorrectly or with an improper technique you risk hurting your tree and yourself.

Don’t hesitate to call one of our certified arborists for a free estimate at (503)-358-8754.


What equipment will be needed for pruning a tree?

Pruning each tree is different. Many pruning jobs can be done with a bucket truck and this is the cheapest and typically the safest route. If there is limited access to the tree and a bucket truck can not be used, it may be a bit more expensive as we will have to use climbing gear and an expert tree climber to prune the tree. Our bucket truck has a 100ft reach on it, so in most cases, we can use our truck and save you some money.

We only use Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws and the best-rated tree-climbing gear when necessary.

We also employ the use of Porter Wraps to lower large sections of tree trunks or heavy branches. A Porter Wrap is a device that allows one person to control the weight of up to thousands of pounds safely.

We also have plenty of pole pruners and hand pruners to prune more detail-orientated trees like Japanese maple or vine maple.

Can you provide references of your work?


We take pride in our customer satisfaction and if you read our reviews online you will find that we have customers that are absolutely thrilled with the Portland tree pruning service they receive from Monkeyman’s Tree Service.

You can read about tree pruning we have done here on our website, or if you would like an actual reference just give us a call at (503) 358-8754.

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