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inspecting invasive blackberry
3 Ways to Remove Himalayan Blackberry in Portland, Oregon June 06, 2023 3 Ways to Remove Himalayan Blackberry in Portland, Oregon Himalayan Blackberry thrives in the rainy Pacific Northwest and, if left unchecked, will take over our property and... Read More
Mulching a tree to maintain moisture, temperature, and nutrients for the tree.
Methods to Keep Your Trees Healthy January 10, 2023 Methods To Keep Your Trees Healthy Nobody wants a dead tree in their yard.  Luckily, Our certified arborists can examine your tree’s health and assess its risk... Read More
healthy native tree growing in the right site
Native and Non-Native Tree Planting Options in Oregon January 10, 2023 Right tree, right spot? Finding the right tree to plant in Oregon, whether it’s native or non-native can be a daunting task. That’s why one of the... Read More
Tree leaning toward property, emergency tree removal needed
What Should You Do If Your Tree Is Leaning Towards Your House? January 10, 2023 What To Do If Your Tree Is Leaning Towards Your Home   Trees fall every day. This is a natural occurrence in the life cycle of a... Read More
A dying tree sits in the middle of a forest.
When to Cut Down a Tree on Your Property October 04, 2022 Healthy trees are valuable. They produce oxygen and offer shelter for local wildlife. They provide shade and make your property more attractive. However, there are times when... Read More
A dying tree surrounded by healthy plants and vegetation.
What Causes a Tree To Die? Symptoms & Treatment Options September 04, 2022 No one wants to see a tree on their property show signs of dying, whether suddenly or over time. Trees are usually very durable, with trunks, roots,... Read More
A pair of gloved hands hold up a handful of mulch in a close-up view of a tree bed.
Should You Mulch Around Trees? August 30, 2022 If you’re the pondering type, you may have asked yourself “Should I put mulch around my trees?” In short, yes. You should mulch around your trees. And... Read More
chipping brush in order to clear land
What to Know Before Hiring a Land Clearing Company August 15, 2022 Finding the right land-clearing contractors for your job can make a difficult task much more manageable. If you need to prepare your land for a construction project... Read More
under the bark of a diseased tree you can see evidence of a boring insect eating the cambium
Bad Bugs for Trees: Look Out for These Pests! August 10, 2022 Your trees aren’t easily replaced. From their initial planting to the present day, mature trees represent decades of care and attention. The last thing you want to... Read More