What Should You Do If Your Tree Is Leaning Towards Your House?

What Should You Do If Your Tree Is Leaning Towards Your House?

Tree leaning toward property, emergency tree removal needed

What To Do If Your Tree Is Leaning Towards Your Home

tree being uprooted from a wind storm.
A broad-leaf tree falls onto a house due to high winds.


Trees fall every day. This is a natural occurrence in the life cycle of a tree.

If a tree falls on your house, however, you will not soon forget it.

Is the Tree close to your House a Disaster Waiting to Happen?

There are a variety of factors that will determine the best course of action, but we always recommend getting a certified arborist to inspect the tree and property and advise on how to proceed whether that’s removing the tree, or attempting to correct its growth. If you notice your tree taking on a heavier lean after a storm, it could be a disaster waiting to happen. If you find yourself worrying about your tree being too close to your house, do not hesitate to call a Monkeyman’s Certified Arborist to assess your tree and formulate a plan.

A telltale sign that your tree is close to falling, is the bulging soil at the base of the tree. Bulging soil notifies our arborists that the roots of the tree have been compromised and are too weak to continue to hold the tree upright. In these instances, it is often recommended to remove the tree as soon as possible to mitigate potential risk to you and your property. When it comes to emergency tree removal, Monkey Man’s Tree Service is the best in the industry. Don’t trust any other company when it comes to your family’s safety.

Understanding Trees Growth Habits

Environmental factors such as sunlight or wind exposure can also compromise your tree, causing it to lean. Trees will often correct their own growth, straightening themselves back upright over the years. However, there are methods available to track the lean for any increases that you need to be aware of and potentially take action to correct.

Will A Leaning Tree Eventually Fall?

If you’re wondering if your leaning tree will ever fall or if your leaning tree should be removed? An inexpensive way to investigate the lean of your tree is to hang a weight by a string from the trunk of your tree. Then measure the distance between the weight and the trunk of your tree on a regular basis, or as needed. If the distance between the trunk and the weight increases, then the lean is increasing and your tree is in danger of falling and likely requires immediate intervention. Luckily Our experienced crews can remove a tree that’s leaning toward your house. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has rigging devices that can carry away limbs to ensure no damage is done to the property. 

Can Your Tree be Saved?

If your tree is young enough, you may be able to avoid removal and correct the lean towards your house over the course of a couple of years, in some cases, using stakes to support and straighten your tree. Stakes provide support while allowing the roots time to grow and establish themselves in the ground. We recommend having an arborist install your stakes to ensure you are able to achieve the desired result. 

You will know that you have accomplished your goal and may remove the stakes safely when the tree is able to stand steady and still, unmoving, without the support of the stakes.

Certified Arborist Inspection: How to Get Rid of a Tree that Leans Over Your House?

A mature tree reaching for sunlight over a neighboring property.
A healthy tree reaching for sunlight over the roof of a house. This is why it is important to understand a tree’s mature growth height.

If time allows, a leaning tree will often naturally balance itself in order to stay upright by growing additional roots on the side of the tree opposite the lean. Monkeyman’s Tree Service Arborists are certified through the ISA. They’re available to take the guessing out of the equation for you by assessing your trees for potential risk. 

In some cases, we may be able to assure you that your tree is of no potential risk to you or your property. Alternatively, we also may be able to recommend options that do not involve removing your tree such as weight-reduction pruning. Which can balance and lessen the weight your tree is struggling to support itself. Pruning your tree will also create less space for snow and ice load in the Winter months, which adds significant weight for your tree to support. If your tree is already compromised in any way, this can present a great hazard. 

Additional weight, from snow and ice load, is perhaps one of the greatest hazards to trees staying up right here in the Pacific Northwest (alongside Wind). 

Those of us who were here in the Greater Portland Metro Area in February 2021, and again in April 2022, have witnessed firsthand the catastrophic outcome of this particular happening up close and personal. 

If you have questions or concerns about a leaning tree, don’t wait – call Monkeyman’s Tree Service to schedule a visit with a Certified Arborist now at 503-358-8754. 

Our Emergency Dispatch Crews will be available when you have a tree on your house, but we would much rather see you under brighter circumstances to address your concerns before you find yourself in a dangerous and difficult situation.