Emergency Tree Removal Portland, OR,

The Pacific Northwest is notorious for its trees… and also its weather. Combine the two, and you may very well have a need for an emergency or hazardous tree removal. OPEN 24 HOURS

24 HR Emergency Tree Removal Portland, OR

Portland , OR  is our home and we are passionate about keeping it a safe place. When our communities are in need we are there quickly every time. We are open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We pride ourselves in our fast response time. If you have a tree service emergency we are there to help. We know how terrifying it can be to have a tree fall on your home or property. When storms come into the Portland, OR area we have our trucks and equipment ready and standing by. We keep operators by our phones and teams ready to hit the road so that we can be there as quickly as possible. Our goal is to restore safety and bring you peace of mind as soon as possible.

In the Portland metropolitan area, we experience dangerously high winds almost every year and a average of 40 inches of rain, contributing to emergency tree removals all over Portland. When it comes to emergency tree removal, Monkey Man’s Tree Service is the best in the industry. With over 28 years of experience Monkey Mans Tree Service is the company you want to trust when it comes to emergency tree removal in Portland OR. Emergency and hazardous tree removals generally happen from storms. When storms hit the northwest we often get high winds and even lightning. When trees fall they can take down power lines with them. If they fall on a home or business they can break gas, electric and plumbing lines, there is broken glass and all the structures of the home or business are compromised. This creates an incredibly dangerous environment. Only a emergency tree removal expert with years of this type of experience should be entrusted to take care of this tree removal emergency. Monkey Man’s Tree Service has over 30 years of emergency tree removal Portland, OR, experience. We can go into the most dangerous tree removal situation with absolute confidence. We first assess every risk and danger point and then make a step by step plan to minimize the risks and safely remove the tree.

With every emergency tree removal we are committed to remove hazardous trees without doing any future harm to your home business or structures. We use top of the line equipment and employ only the most knowledgeable and experienced Portland OR emergency tree removal experts.

Common Reasons for Emergency Tree Service, Portland, OR,

Emergency Tree Service Prevention

Most Emergency tree service calls that we receive could have been prevented. As experts we know this and it is easy for us to see telltale signs on a tree that it is dangerous however to the untrained eye we understand that it is not always so simple. There are many things that you can do to protect you and your family from the catastrophe of having a tree or branches fall during a storm. Having your Portland, OR, trees trimmed every year is a good start. During trimming a professional tree service company will be able to cut off any dead or dying or compromised branches. If you have fir trees make sure that you have them thinned. Wind thinning is a good idea because fir trees have such a small root base and are often the ones in the Portland, OR area to fall. Wind thinning is when we remove branches and thin out the tree so wind can move through it more easily. If you see that you have a tree that is leaning, looks like it is dying or diseased or if you are unsure, call Monkeyman’s Tree Service, we will be happy to look at your tree and give you an estimate free of charge (503) 358-8754

Lightning, Emergency Tree Service

Lightning is something that thankfully Portland, OR, and the northwest doesn’t get a ton of. However we do still get several lightning storms a year and Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been called to more than one Emergency Tree Removal caused from a tree being struck by lightning.

This cause of emergency tree service is nearly impossible to prevent it is just a risk of having trees near your home or business. However if a tree has fallen on your home or business, Monkeyman’s Tree Service is open 24/7 for emergency tree removal in Portland or and surrounding areas. We respond quickly and work safely to minimize hazards and get the tree off your home or business as quickly as possible.

If you need an emergency tree removal call Monkeyman’s Tree Service Today (503) 358-8754


Branch Failure, Emergency Tree Service

Branch failure is one of the easiest tree emergencies in Portland, OR, to prevent. By having a professional tree service company come and look at and trim your trees once a year you greatly minimize your risk of having branches break off and endanger yourself or your family during a storm. Monkeyman’s Tree Service will do things like prune any co-dominant branches (ones that are forked) and check for structural weaknesses. If branches have fallen from your tree and are on your home, driveway, cars, or other property items and you need help removing them. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today! We quickly remove any fallen branches and immediately send them through our high powered wood chippers and take the chippings away. No matter how many branches have fallen Moneyman’s Tree Service will have your property looking back to normal in no time. Call today for a 24/7 free estimate (503) 815-5609

Stem Failure, Emergency Tree Service

Stem failure in Portland, OR, most often occurs because a tree has had a previous injury. This often is the cause of past improper pruning techniques or damage to the branch collar. When a tree is injured it grows off the injury but does not become stronger without special care. Monkeyman’s Tree Service will be able to look at your tree’s stem and see if it is structurally sound enough to withstand a storm or if it is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

Another common reasons that stems fail, also often caused by neglect or poor tree pruning practices, is a codominant or a multi dominant stem where the tree forks or there are several main branches to the tree. These trees are much more likely to fail especially under the stress of high winds in a storm. Monkeyman’s Tree Service will give you an estimate to get your tree taken care of before the stem fails. If you are already in a situation where you need Portland, OR, emergency tree service we are open 24/7 to help you. Call us today! (503) 815-5609

Root Failure, Emergency Tree Service

Root failure often dates back to when the tree was first planted. If your tree was planted too deep or incorrectly you there are a number of problems you could face later on down to road the most common being from trunk girdling roots. Often the tree appears to be heathly for 15 or 20 years before it becomes apparent that the trees root system is not strong enough to support a full grown tree and will not allow it to thrive. When a tree does not have a healthy root system the whole tree will become stressed. The tree will not be able to withstand high winds and can be the cause of tree failure during a storm.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service specializes in tree root health and can decipher if a trees root systems are diseased, dying or in trouble. If a tree has already fallen on your Portland, OR, property due to root failure, Monkeymans tree service has been serving Portland Oregon’s tree service emergencies for more than 30 years. Call today and we will have a team of tree removal experts there to help you shortly. (503) 815-5609.

Blow Over, Emergency Tree Removal

Portland, OR is home to hundreds of thousands for fir trees. These are often the trees that come down in storms.  They have a small root base and lots of heavy limbs. When the ground gets wet and muddy and the wind is blowing it can cause these trees to be uprooted and huge trees can fall on your home, businesses or other valuable property. Fir trees are the cause of most of the blow over emergency tree removals we deal with in Portland, OR. These can often be prevented by having your trees thinned. This allows the wind to blow through the tree instead of having so much wind hit the branches that act like a sail in a storm and cause the tree to topple over. If you want your tree thinned we employ some of Portland’s most skilled tree climbers. If you have had a tree blow over in a storm call us as soon as possible. These trees can be very dangerous especially when they have fallen on a home or business. Monkeyman’s Tree Service is skilled in operating under the most extreme conditions and will safely remove the tree as fast as possible. You can call us for any Portland, OR tree service emergency 24/7 (503) 358-8754

Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been Portland’s Oregon’s most


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Commercial & Residential Emergency Tree Service

Monkeyman’s Tree Service is Portland, OR, go to tree service company in an emergency. With over 30 years emergency tree service experience in Portland OR. We don’t price gouge just because its an emergency!

Residential Emergency Tree Removal

There are few things as terrifying as needing a residential tree service company. Having a tree fall on or near your home endangering yourself and your loved ones is scary! If a tree has fallen on your home, do not try to remove it yourself. It can be extremely dangerous! Monkeyman’s tree service is here to help. We are experts in Portland, OR, emergency tree removals and have the equipment and expertise to remove a tree that has fallen on your home or property safely and quickly. We are open 24/7 for any residential tree service emergency – (503) 358-8754.

24 HR Commercial Tree Removal

Needing Portland, OR, commercial emergency tree service for your business is stressful. If a tree has fallen on your business and you don’t know how long it will take to get back on your feet again. Monkeyman’s Tree Service, wants to help. We are fully licensed, bonded and insured. We will remove the tree off of your business property quickly and without further endangering your property. We are open 24 hours a day and have the equipment and  experienced workforce to get you back in business as quickly as possible. Call – (503) 358-8754.

Portland Tree Removal FAQs

A tree fell on my house. Should I try to remove it myself?

Absolutely not! Having a tree fall on your house is very dangerous stay back from the area because the tree may shift causing further damage to the home or bystanders.

When a tree has fallen on your home it is important that you call a professional that has extensive experience dealing with the hazards involved with this type of emergency.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service has over 30 years of experience with emergency tree removals Portland, OR.  We will quickly assess the situation and possible risks and make a plan to safely and promptly remove the tree from your home. You can have complete peace of mind knowing that the company you hired in your time of need will take care of you.

What if a tree falls on my house at 2AM?

Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service! We are open 24 hours a day so that when catastrophe strikes we are here for you. We want you to know that there is a team of trained professionals standing by to help you with your tree emergency no matter what time of the day or night it is.

We are a local Portland OR tree removal company that has been serving residence in their time of need for more than 30 years. If a tree has fallen on your property call (503) 358-8754 and don’t worry about waking us us. That is what we are here for.

How do I know if you are really insured?

We can provide you at anytime with a copy of our license, bond and insurance. However we recommend that you call our insurance company directly so you can verify for yourself that we are currently insured. It is so important that you check the company you choose for emergency tree removal for insurance.

After a storm all kinds of people will show up with chain saws saying that they are tree removal experts but if they are not insured and an injury happens on your property, you can be sued for it. Even though we have have a perfect safety record, Monkeyman’s tree service carries a million dollars in liability insurance for just in case. You can feel secure hiring Monkeyman’s Tree Service to do your emergency tree removal. We are a  reputable company that is covered!

How much is does it cost for a emergency tree removal in Portland OR?

This is a hard question to answer without actually seeing the size of the tree that fell what damages it caused and what the danger level is. Monkeyman’s Tree Service will show up at anytime of the day of night to give you a free estimate on any Portland, OR, emergency tree service job. When storms hit many companies will price gouge and jack up their prices to match demand. We will always charge you a fair price even in emergency situations. Call (503) 358-8754

How long will it take to remove a tree off my home?

This depends on a number of things including the equipment we will need to use. Do we need to use a crane, bucket truck, climbers, or all three? Do we need to rope the tree down? We are open for tree service emergencies 24/7 and have a very fast response time. We understand the stress of being out of your home in this type of emergency and will work around the clock to make sure that we get it taken care of as quickly and safely as possible. (503) 358-8754.

I have a tree that I think might be unsafe but I'm not sure.

Doing preventative maintenance on your trees is always a good idea. It could save you tens of thousands in the long run. If you have a Portland, OR, tree that you are unsure about, it is leaning or it looks like its dying ect. Monkeyman’s Tree Service will come out, look at the tree and let you know if it is a safety hazard and what it would cost to have it removed.

We are committed to promoting a safe environment free of tree safety hazards for all Portland neighborhoods. If you feel like a tree on your property could be unsafe during a storm, call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today and have a professional look at it (503) 358-8754

Do you have workers compensation on your employees?

Yes, we carry full workers compensation at all times for all of Monkeyman’s Tree Service employees. When hiring a Portland, OR, tree service company it is so important that you check this! If you hire a company that does not carry workers compensation, they may quote you a cheaper price but if something happens to one of the workers on your property they could sue you and you as the home owner would be liable.

We have a perfect safety record which keeps our prices down while still carrying workers compensation for all of our Portland, OR, tree service employees. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today to get a free quote (503) 358-8754

Do you have access to a crane?


We have access to a crane and any other equipment that could possibly be needed in an emergency to remove a tree as quickly as possible safely and get you onto the next step of repairing your home or property.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service caters directly to Portland, OR, communities for all of their emergency tree service needs. We have access to a wide verity of equipment including, bucket trucks, cranes, top of the line climbing gear and some of the best tree climbers in the region. If you have a tree service emergency, you can rest easy knowing that Monkeyman’s Tree Service will have to equipment to get it taken care of as fast as possible. Call (503) 875-7609

How far will you travel to respond to a tree service emergency?

Monkeyman’s Tree Service typically services Portland, OR, and the surrounding areas. However when it comes to emergency tree service, we understand how scary it can be to have a tree down on your home or property. Monkeyman’s Tree Service will travel up to 200 miles to remove a tree that has fallen on your property. We often serve clients after storms on the Oregon coast as well as Hood River and the Columbia Gorge. If you have a tree service emergency Monkeyman’s Tree Service is a tree service company you can depend on. Call (503) 358-8754 today.

What all do you do in an emergency tree removal?

We will make a custom plan for each tree emergency and go over it with you before we start. Most often if a tree has fallen on your Portland, OR, home we will make a plan to safely remove to tree from your home chop it into manageable pieces and remove the tree and brush from your property. We strive for a complete clean up every time. To get a free Portland, OR, emergency tree service quote call (503)875-5609.