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Stump Removal Portland, OR

Stumps are just a complete pain in the grass. They bring unwanted insects, diseases, rot and a multitude of issues for your landscape. Monkeyman’s provides an affordable solution to getting rid of the eyesore that is currently plaguing your landscape with our professional Stump removal in Portland.

In order to remove a stump completely, the most effective solution is to grind the stump out using a state of the art stump grinder. A stump grinder will eliminate the stump in a matter of minutes, grinding the stump to a pulp and leaving your yard with a fresh start. Once ground out, the pulp can be used as a mulch to replenish nutrients to the soil.

Our stump grinders will take the stump down to 8″-10″ below the surface of the soil to ensure that the tree will finally get the idea that it’s life is over, and it doesn’t need to keep sending up new shoots to try to relive its younger years. We can eliminate large stumps as well as stumps that are in hard to reach areas.

Call us today, and get a free stump grinding quote – (503) 964-3663. Our stump removal services are professional and very affordable.