Portland Oregon – Portlanders love it here, and so do we. We love the trees found in Portland, OR. That’s why we offer amazing tree services at a great price.

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Tree Services

Portland Oregon - Portlanders love it here, and so do we. We love the trees found in Portland, OR. That's why we offer amazing tree services at a great price. Give Us a Call At (503) 358-8754 Schedule an Estimate
Arborist cutting up the trunk of a downed tree with STHL chainsaws

Tree Removal

Any tree. Anywhere. Our tree removal specialists are the best in the business, hands down. This is where technical precision meets safety and quality. When it comes to flawlessly executed tree removals Learn More
crane lifting the top out of a deciduous tree in the pacific northwest

Tree Trimming / Pruning

Did you know that tree pruning standards are actually governed by the American National Standards Institute? That’s right. ANSI A300 was developed by industry leaders as the accepted standards for tree care nationwide. From our consulting arborists to our climbing arborists and team members, Monkeyman’s upholds the highest standards for your trees. Learn More
Our industrial stump grinder turning a large stump into sawdust

Stump Grinding / Removal

Our stump grinding equipment ranges from the smallest hand held stump grinders to one of the largest stump grinders on the market. Whether you have a few small stumps or a massive old growth stump, we can help. Learn More
brush clearing unwanted non-native invasive plants using a wheel barrel

Brush Removal

It’s Oregon. Things grow here. Sometimes a little too well. If you need brush work done we can provide you with ground teams, clearing equipment, chippers, dump trucks, etc. We can also help with smaller projects and assist with light brush removal or chip brush piles around your property. Learn More
Land clearing for a clients backyard getting rid of invasive plants like blackberry

Land Clearing

Pre-site Development, Logging, Brush Clearing, Trail Clearing, Property Reclamation, Defensible Spaces, Fire Break Installation, Gravel Road Recovery, and More. We have the experience and the equipment to successfully tackle any Land Clearing project you have. Learn More
hazardous maple tree failed and landed on clients car and structures in Portland, Oregon

Emergency Tree Service

Every year thousands of trees fall in our region. Unfortunately, sometimes they fall on your property. If you have a tree related emergency call us now. Our teams are highly trained and ready to dispatch at a moment’s notice. Learn More
native Douglas-fir tree being pruned by our ISA Certified Arborist in Portland, Oregon

Certified Arborist Services

We provide all facets of Certified Arborist Services throughout the Portland metro area. Our arborists are knowledgeable, experienced, and well versed in all areas of arborist services including Tree Protection Plans, Tree Risk Assessments, Certified Arborist Reports, Tree Inventories and more. Learn More
a plum tree with a fruit on it showing signs of disease on the leaves

Plant Preservation Services

Plant Health Care is a crucial service for maintaining tree and shrub health. Diseases, fungi, pests, and other pathogens can destroy a beautiful landscape. Additionally, many trees and plants benefit tremendously with ongoing soil management and fertilization. We use Organic and natural products whenever possible to ensure the vitality of your trees and shrubs. Learn More


"The Monkeyman crew did an awesome job clearing a ton of brush and trimming trees from our front-street facing property. It looks fabulous!" Jenn Quigley

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Our Certified Arborists are the best in the industry. We only hire the best Certified Arborists and provide ongoing Arboricultural training to each member of our staff.

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