Tree Trimming Portland Oregon

Tree trimming is a skill and a learned trade like plumbing or carpentry. Each tree is different and requires a different set of tools and techniques. We bring 30 years of experience with us to each Portland tree trimming job.

Portland Tree Trimming Service

The continuous rainfall in the Pacific Northwest is great for trees. It allows trees to grow, and grow, and grow! Portland trees need to be trimmed to keep danger to a minimum, and aesthetics to a max.

Keeping your trees trimmed means that your trees can live long & beautiful lives, without having to undergo a massive tree surgery or removal due to limb breakage and loss. When trees become overgrown, they can get too close to buildings, utility lines and adjacent properties.

Local real estate agents will tell you that a properly maintained tree will increase your home’s value by thousands. It takes years and years for a tree to fully mature. It is in your best interest and just makes the most investment sense to take care of and maintain the trees on your property.

Tree Trimming for Monkey Mans tree service is where an exact science and a graceful art form come together. There is an exact science when it comes to trimming trees. Without specific knowledge and years of experience you can severely damage a tree. Trees were meant to be but in exact ways and there are growth paths that will encourage a tree to grow in a way that will give it a healthy beautiful future. At the same time, no two trees are the same and there is a true art to making a tree look beautiful when you are finished with it and bringing out each trees natural beauty and character. At Monkey Man’s tree service we strive to make the best possible decisions when it comes to your trees. If you hire someone who is inexperienced and they cut off the wrong limb on your tree, it will take years for the tree to look right again and it could cause the tree permanent damage. This is where our 30+ years of experience make all the difference.

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Tree Trimming Portland, OR | Health, Safety, Beauty

Tree Trimming For Health, Portland, OR

Tree trimming is crucial to a tree’s health and vitality. Clearing dead limbs not only removes potential fall hazards but also allows for nutrients to be directed to healthy limbs.

We don’t receive too much snow in the Portland area but every few years we get hit with a bad snow storm. Trees that are untrimmed catch every bit of snow that falls. This imposes a heavy burden on tree limbs and they can break due to the weight. A tree that has lost many broken limbs may not survive.

A large portion of healthy leaves is necessary to produce food for the tree, without these food producing leaves trees cannot sustain growth, and may decline in health and eventually die.

We have been providing professional tree trimming services in Portland for many years and are happy to provide you with a tree trimming quote. Call us today for affordable Portland tree trimming at (503) 358-8754.

Tree Trimming for Safety, Portland, OR,

Safety is the most important reason to keep your trees trimmed properly. As a homeowner, it is your responsibility to make sure that your trees don’t present safety hazards like dead branches falling during a storm. During inclement weather an untrimmed tree can lose a dangerous amount of dead tree limbs. The last thing you want after a storm is a large tree dropping dead branches on your home, car, or spouse!

Even healthy trees need to be trimmed for safety. For instance, when a tree has grown over a chimney it is vitally important that the branches be trimmed back to a safe distance to avoid a fire. As trees grow without routine tree trimming, the branches can become overloaded with weight and fall just as easily as a dead tree branch during a wind storm. 

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Tree Trimming for Beauty, Portland, OR,

Trees are beautiful works of nature, they provide us with food, shade, oxygen and they deserve to be treated with proper care to retain their beauty. Proper tree trimming will keep your trees looking beautiful and healthy, while mitigating risks.

We understand trees, their growth patterns, weight limits, fall patterns, and individual trees. Inexperienced landscapers and amateur tree cutters will often times hack away at trees with no understanding of what the tree will look like when they are finished, let alone in a few years after the tree has grown and created a new shape.

It’s important to hire a tree trimmer with the proper knowledge and techniques for your trees. We can bring out the beauty behind your overgrown trees, and help them add value to your landscape.

When your tree is in need of a professional Portland tree trimmer, call us for a free tree trimming estimate (503) 358-8754.

Tree Thinning, Portland, OR,

Thinning your tree will help alleviate the wind drag caused by overgrown branches. When a tree’s branches are full they can catch wind, as well as snow, and break under stress. Tree thinning should be done as needed to prevent breakages and could be done as often as every year, depending on the tree.

Thinning a tree’s branches will allow more light into the center of the tree, which will allow the leaves on the interior of the tree to provide more food to the tree.

During a severe storm wind and rain create a high drag and soft soil. By properly thinning your tree you can prevent future storm damage and possible emergency tree removals as trees with too much drag may catch the wind and topple. Thinning your trees’ crowns is a way to reduce a tremendous cost in the future.

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Tree Crown Lifting, Portland, OR, 

Tree crown lifting or “crown lifting” refers to the lifting of the bottom part of the tree’s crown to make room under the tree for driveways, walkways, sitting areas or simply adding clearance to the tree. If you have a street tree in front of your home, you are typically required to make sure that pedestrians and motorists alike can pass safely under the tree.

By trimming the lowermost branches of your tree, we are able to add space under your tree’s crown ensuring that there is plenty of clearance.

As experienced tree trimmers in Portland we are able to lift your tree’s crown safely and effectively adding beauty to your tree, without adding risk. Crown lifting is a great way to add perceived value to your home by giving your trees a well groomed look and feel.

We provide professional crown lifting services at affordable rates – Call us today (503) 358-8754.

Crown Reduction, Portland, OR,

Crown reduction is the proper way to reduce the height of your tree and is a better way than topping or some of the other methods previously used. However crown reduction can still be damaging to a tree if not done correctly. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has more than 30 years of experience trimming trees. Crown reduction trimming is a very useful method especially for old growth trees. Our job is to make sure that the cuts encourage lateral growth.

If you have a Portland, OR, tree that needs a crown reduction, call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today. We have the expertise and experience to give your tree the crown reduction it needs without removing more than 30% of the trees foliage. We are licensed, bonded and insured and carry workman’s compensation for all employees and for all tree trimming jobs.

Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today for a free estimate on a Portland, OR, tree trimming, crown reduction job. (503) 358-8754

Why We Don’t Top Portland, OR, Trees

Tree Topping in Portland is something we just don’t do.

Tree topping is an outdated technique that is frowned upon by professional tree trimmers. Common names for topping a tree are rat-hacking, rounding over, heading, and tipping. Simply put, when a tree has become to tall the owner of the tree may want to simply cut the top off or “top” the tree. When you top a tree, you’re essentially putting the tree in a traumatic state of shock that will stunt the tree’s growth, cause sunburn, reduce the tree’s food source and potentially kill the tree.

Topping a tree doesn’t reduce the height of a tree in the long run, in fact, the tree will likely grow more leaders and lead to increased height risk in the future. A topped tree will reduce the value of your home, as it is considered an impending expense because the tree will eventually need to be removed or require corrective maintenance.

There are many alternatives to topping a tree, give us a call for a free estimate and we’ll do our best to help you avoid topping your tree – (503) 358-8754.

Monkeyman’s Tree Trimming in Portland is committed to getting you a great service for a great price.

We provide LOW COST solutions for each of our Portland Tree Trimming customers.

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Residential & Commercial Tree Trimming

With Over 30 years of experience trimming Portland, OR trees, Monkeyman’s Tree Service is the cities foremost expert in commercial and residential tree trimming.

Residential Tree Trimming

Residential tree trimming is one of the easiest things that you can do as a homeowner to ensure the overall safety of your home’s future. You can rest easy during a wind storm knowing that your trees are healthy and not a danger to your family. Having your Portland, OR, trees trimmed will allow you keep enjoying the comfort and shade of your beautiful Portland, OR trees for years to come. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today for a free quote for Portland, OR, residential tree service (503) 358-8754

Commercial Tree Trimming

Keeping the trees on your commercial property properly trimmed will give your business a professional presence that cannot be fabricated any other way. Keeping you businesses trees properly trimmed will also keep you, your building and your employees safe from dead or dying branches and prevent your trees from growing in unsafe directions. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service and get a free quote for Portland, OR commercial tree trimming today! (5063) 875-5609

Portland Tree Removal FAQs

If a tree branch falls and hurts someone could I be liable?

In most cases, yes, you as the home owner would be liable. This is a huge reason to keep your Portland, OR, trees trimmed and healthy. Monkeyman’s Tree Service will trim off any dead or dying branches that would be at high risk for falling or being blown down in a storm. This will make your trees safer and much less likely lose a branch that hurts someone.

What is included in a Portland, OR, tree trimming job?

When Monkeyman’s Tree Service performs a Portland, OR, tree trimming job we first listen to the home owner and find out what the owners goals for the tree are. We then make a trimming plan and go to work. We will remove the dead dying or compromising branches. We can trim back branches hanging low over roadways, close to power lines, or into homes or structures.

How long will a tree trimming job in Portland, OR take?

This depends on a number of factors including the size of the tree and how much of the tree needs to be trimmed. Because Monkeyman’s Tree Service employs some of the most experienced tree trimmers in the region we are able to trim trees quickly while still keeping our perfect safety record intact.

How much is does Portland, OR, tree trimming cost?

This is hard to say without seeing your tree. Monkeyman’s tree service will be happy to come out to your home or business free of charge to look at your tree and give you an estimate. We are proud to be a low cost Portland, OR tree service company. We consistently are able to bid jobs for less than our competitors. We are able to do this because of our perfect safety record and our commitment to our customers. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today to schedule a time for a free Portland, OR, tree trimming quote today! (503)875-5609

Will I need to remove the trimmed branches after you trim my trees?


Monkeyman’s Tree Service will do all of the clean up after a tree trimming job. We gather all the limbs that have been cut down and run them through a chipper, turning them into mulch on the spot. The chipper delivers the multch into one of our company trucks and we take it way for you. We take care of all the clean up. Monkeyman’s Tree Service is committed to making Portland, OR, tree trimming as simple as possible for our customers.

Do you have workers compensation, a license, bond and insurance?


All of the above! We are licensed bonded and insured and every employee is covered under workers compensation. This keeps you as the home owner safe from any liability during our work on your trees. You can hire Monkeyman’s Tree Service with complete peace of mind.

Can I trim my own trees?

This is a bad idea. Unless you are an expert at tree trimming, you can do some serious long term damage to your trees. Improperly trimmed trees can cause weak branches later on. This can lead to branch failure and open the tree up for disease and death. Improperly trimming your trees can ultimately lead to tree failure especially during a storm. Having a professional trim your trees is a necessary part of owning a property with trees. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has over 30 years of experience trimming trees. We will make sure that they are trimmed in a way to produce a thriving future for your Portland, OR, tree landscape.

How often should I get my trees trimmed?

Every tree is different, but typically we recommend that you get your trees trimmed once a year. This ensures healthy growth patterns, and safety for your tree and property.

I have a tree that is huge! Do you have to equipment to be able to trim it?


We have bucket trucks that can reach up to 70 feet. Anything that the bucket truck is not able to reach, one of our climbers will be able to reach. We employ experienced climbers that can safely reach almost any part of a tree. Monkeyman’s Tree Service specializes in large or hard to get to trees that our competition doesn’t have the equipment or expertise to be able to do. No matter what your tree service need, Monkeyman’s Tree Service is here for you at any time of the day or night. Call (503) 358-8754

Do I need a permit to trim my trees?

Generally the answer is no. However you should always check with your county first to make sure.