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    About Our Free Estimates

    We do the best we can on each estimate to give you our best price regarding the tree work you need done. That being said, here are a few common questions about our tree service estimates:

    Can you give me an estimate over the phone?

    No. We simply cannot see anything through the phone and even through video applications like Facetime, we just can’t see well enough to give you a valid estimate. Please schedule an estimate with us in person so that we can give you our best price.

    How long will it take you to respond?

    We do our absolute best to respond the same day, and aim to get back to you in less than 24 hours. That being said, it may take us as long as 48 hours to respond. However, our estimates are worth the wait!

    What is included in a Free Estimate?

    During the estimate, we will talk about your goals and your concerns for the work you want done. An estimate does not always include a formal evaluation or assessment, it is a price-quote for a service that you would like to have performed on your tree. We will leave you with a written estimate that contains our best price for the tree service you are interested in.

    If I give you the bids of your competitors will you match or beat their price?

    No. We do not believe in this unethical practice. We value our integrity and don’t care to know what prices our competitors are giving you. An honest tree removal company will show up, give an honest evaluation and leave you with an honest and fair price, without asking you what their competitors are doing so that they can undercut to get the job.