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Tree removal takes strategy, planning, and flawless execution to properly remove a tree safely. Throughout Portland’s highly dense tree population, tree removals are commonly necessary to make way for new projects and prevent damage to property.

Monkeyman's Portland Tree Removal Service

Trees are among nature’s most beautiful creations, and removing a tree is a last resort for any tree. Although sometimes necessary, tree removals can be dangerous, expensive, and time consuming.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service is a company unlike any other. We are committed to saving trees and creating a sustainable future for the Portland area that we call home. However there are many reasons that trees need to be removed and where tree removal is completely appropriate. In these cases we provide a low cost solution for tree removal services in Portland Oregon and the surrounding area.


From routine tree pruning and maintenance to emergency tree removal and everywhere in between – we’ve got you covered. 

Common Reasons for Tree Removal in Portland

Dead Tree Removal

Trees need to be removed if they are dead and looming about. A dead tree is a host for tree rot, infestations, diseases and a wealth of other hazards. Dead trees do not have the same structural integrity as a healthy living tree. When a tree has died, it not only brings your aesthetically pleasing landscape to a grinding halt, but it also brings with it a number potential safety issues.

If a dead tree is near your home, it may cause property damage in the next big storm. As many of us know, in Portland we get a real nasty wind storm every few years. Dead tree branches, and dead trees come tumbling down in these storms causing millions in damage across the Portland Metro Area. We strongly recommend that you get your tree removed before serious weather conditions remove it for you!

If you have a dead or dying tree on your property that needs to be removed, call us today for a free tree removal quote (503) 358-8754.

Overgrown Tree Removal

When your tree encroaches on your neighbor’s fence line, the city sidewalk, or someone’s home (including your own) it is your responsibility to have the tree removed safely.

If your tree is about to cause damage to property or cross into someone else’s property your tree must be removed at your expense. As trees in the Portland / Vancouver area grow like crazy, they can disrupt foundations, sidewalks, fence lines and property lines.

Contrary to a dead or dying tree, a very healthy tree may simply grow too fast, and outgrow its original living space. When this happens, it may be necessary to remove the tree before it becomes a hazard or causes damage.

Unfortunately, in some cases the tree should have never been planted in a given space, and requires removal. If this is the case for your tree, give us a call for a free tree removal estimate (503) 358-8754.

Infected / Diseased Tree Removal

Tree infections and diseases are more common than most people think. On the surface, a tree may look green and healthy while under the bark it may be completely rotted or infected.

In the moisture saturated Pacific Northwest we deal a lot with fungi infections, root rot and heart rot infections. Spores and fungus can infect trees as early as seedlings and stop the tree from growing before it has a chance to mature. Rotting is a big threat to all Pine trees and most fir trees.

Heart rot and root rot are very common in Portland. Unfortunately Heart Rot is nearly impossible to identify until the tree needs to be removed. Root rot is also difficult to detect, but even if detected, it is more than likely going to lead to a tree removal at some point.

Another very common disease in the Portland area is Verticillium wilt. Though it may sound like a Harry Potter destruction spell, it is a serious fungal infection that can destroy agricultural crops and bring a short lifespan to an otherwise very healthy tree.

Call us today for a free tree removal estimate (503) 358-8754.

Storm Damage Tree Removal

After a storm sometimes trees are damaged either from lightning, wind damage, or other falling trees or branches. Generally speaking, if more than 50% of the tree has been damaged the tree should probably be removed due to the fact that it wont have enough leaves to create food for the tree in the coming seasons. However, trees are extremely resilient and you shouldn’t always jump to a removal.

In storm damage cases, you don’t shoot the horse because it broke a leg. Really, tree removals due to storm damage need to be evaluated before any action is taken. If the tree is generally healthy and vigorous, still has a decent amount of foliage in the crown, and hasn’t lost it’s leader, it may very well survive.

If the tree’s leader has been destroyed due to the storm, it is possible that the tree may survive, but even if it does, it will likely have stunted growth and may look deformed. In this case, we will work with you to make a decision.

If you think your tree may need to be removed due to damage, give us a call for a free estimate (503) 358-8754.

Emergency or Downed Tree Removal

Emergency and hazardous removals can be scary. Point blank. If you ever get a quote from someone that doesn’t seem like they have a bit of reverence for a difficult situation – run!

In a hazardous tree removal you can only predict so much. In many cases, we use the help of a crane. With a crane supporting the hazard, we are able to mitigate the potential damages caused by unpredictable movement or shifting in the tree.

Cranes are expensive, but we have some good friends at Smith Crane and we are usually able to get a crane involved for a thousand or more under the competition.

We also have 30 years of tree removal experience. In July of 2015 we removed a tree from the side of a cliff where every competitor that bid the job insisted on the use of the crane – we did it without one SAFELY and for $2,000 under the lowest competitor’s bid.

If you have an emergency situation, call us day or night (503) 358-8754.

View Clearing 

Portland. The land of salmon, hippies, beer and… great views. What most people don’t know about Portland is that the entire metro area is home to some of the most breathtaking views in the nation. The I205 corridor runs right between West Linn and Oregon City and on both sides there are tremendous view of the Willamette River.

In the Lake Oswego area views around the lake are worth a million bucks, or more.

A view simply isn’t a view until you get that pesky tree out of the way. The thing about removing a tree for a view, is that most of the time the view is up on a hill, and the trees are on a hillside. View clearing can be dangerous but worth it.

We have a great deal of view clearing experience and we are positive that after getting your bids from other competitors, you’ll be pleased with ours.

Call us today for a free view clearing quote at (503) 358-8754.

Lot Clearing

When new construction is underway often times the first step is to remove trees from a lot, or clear the lot of trees. Lot clearing may require heavy equipment like a track hoe or a bull-dozer, but before the grading and the “dirt work” begin, trees must be removed safely.

In most cases, trees can’t be taken from the ground and need to be removed in sections. However, usually, the ground doesn’t present many risks for falling debris, which makes the lot clearing project move pretty quickly.

Understanding that many lot clearing projects are time-sensitive, we can get the job done quickly and without any hassle.

Whether you are making way for a new commercial project or are looking to build your next home, our lot clearing services are affordable and time-effective.

Give us a call for a free lot clearing estimate (503) 358-8754.

Other tree removal companies in Portland Oregon are expensive. Not Monkeyman’s.

We provide a LOW COST solution for each and every Portland Tree Removal.

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Residential & Commercial Tree Removal

Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been performing residential and commercial tree removals for over 30 years. We are family owned and offer a tree removal service you can afford!

Residential Tree Removal

Residential tree removal in Portland is something we are extremely familiar with. Every day our tree removal crews travel all across Portland to perform residential tree removals. Whether your Portland tree removal consists of a tree sandwiched between two homes with limited access and high risk, or you need  a small tree removed and don’t want to do it yourself, we’ve got you covered. Give us a call now for an affordable Portland tree removal service for your home – (503) 358-8754.

Commercial Tree Removal

Commercial tree removal in Portland ranges from services like single tree removals to large land and lot clearing for construction projects. Whatever your commercial tree removal needs are, we have the experience and the equipment necessary to get your trees removed at a price guaranteed to fit your budget. Call us for a free commercial tree removal estimate – (503) 358-8754.

Portland Tree Removal FAQs

Will I need a permit for a Portland tree removal?

In most cases, yes. You will need a permit to remove a tree in the city of Portland.

Click here to find permits by city.

What is included in an estimate?

During an estimate we will review the tree that needs to be removed, the conditions of the terrain, the condition of the tree, the accessibility of the tree, the equipment that may or may not be needed, and the total price of the tree removal.

We can give you an estimate for the tree removal that includes debris removal or we can provide you with a tree removal estimate that allows you to care for the wood after the job is complete.

Can you provide a current copy of your license, insurance and bond information?


We carry copies of our insurance and license on each tree removal job. However, the best way to verify whether a company has insurance, or not, is to call the insurance agent directly, or to request a copy that is made out to you with your name on it and the current date.

In any case, we are happy to provide you with a copy of our insurance coverage, bond, and Oregon or Washington Contractors license.

You can view a copy of our insurance certificate

How much is does it cost for a tree removal?

The cost of a tree removal depends on a number of factors, namely; the height of the tree, the risks involving the condition of the tree, the terrain, and the accessibility of the tree.

An 80 foot tree sandwiched between 2 multi-million dollar homes on a cliff side containing 18 bees nests is going to cost a bit more than a 10 foot apple tree in the middle of a field (and no bees nests).

Will the tree removal process take long?

The time in which it takes to remove a tree depends on many of the same conditions that determine the cost of a tree removal, like the height, conditions and accessibility of the tree.

Most average to small trees can be removed, chipped, and hauled away in 3-6 hours. Larger trees that require climbing, are hard to access, and are very large, may take a day or two. Either way, we will give you an estimated time before we begin work to make sure that we are all on the same page.

Do you carry workers compensation insurance on your employees?


We carry workers compensation on all of our employees. Without worker’s compensation you could be liable for any injuries sustained by a tree service employee while working on your property.

Worker’s compensation insurance for tree removal companies in Portland is among the highest insurance coverage for any industry.

We have never had a claim and we intend to keep it that way.

Can I do my own tree removal?

Think about how nice it is to open your own ketchup bottles. Do you really want to take that away from yourself?

What equipment will be needed for a tree removal?

Each tree removal is different. Many tree removals can be done with a bucket truck and this is the cheapest and typically the safest route. If there is limited access to the tree and a bucket truck can not be used, it may be a bit more expensive as we will have to use climbing gear and an expert tree climber to remove the tree. Our bucket truck has a 77ft reach on it, so in most cases we can use our truck and save you some money.

We only use Husqvarna and Stihl chainsaws and the best rated tree climbing gear when necessary.

We also employ the use of Porter Wraps to lower large sections of tree trunks, or heavy branches. A Porter Wrap is a device that allows one person to control the weight of up to thousands of pounds safely.

Can you provide references of your work?


We take pride in our customer satisfaction and if you read our reviews online you will find that we have customers that are absolutely thrilled with the Portland tree removal service they receive from Monkeyman’s Tree Service.

You can read about tree removals we have done here on our website, or if you would like an actual reference just give us a call at (503) 358-8754.

What is included in a tree removal?

We create custom quotes on each job. We can remove the tree, grind the stump, chip the branches and haul away the firewood, or we can just get the tree down to the ground and let you handle the wood.

We include a written receipt, and a safety guarantee.