You’ve spent plenty of time and money on perfecting your landscaping. Running into plant problems can ruin your hard work if not handled swiftly. Count on Monkeyman’s Tree Service for plant problem diagnosis in Portland, OR.

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Diagnosing Plant Problems in Portland, OR

You’ve spent plenty of time and money on perfecting your landscaping. Running into plant problems can ruin your hard work if not handled swiftly. Count on Monkeyman’s Tree Service for plant problem diagnosis in Portland, OR. Give Us a Call At (503) 358-8754 Schedule An Estimate

Monkeyman's Diagnosing Your Plant Issues

There are several different reasons why the trees, shrubs, or other plants in your yard are browning, stunted, or seem to be dying off. Our certified arborist team can come and help diagnose the underlying issue and provide a solution to ensure your plants are restored back to full health and beauty.

Call us today, and we can talk to you more about what you see and whether or not our team can help keep your plants healthy and strong!

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Certified arborist surveying the health and status of native trees
ISA Certified Arborist examining a fungus found next to a native Douglas-fir.

Common Plant and Tree Problems

The biggest problem with trees is usually water-related. Harsh summer heat, combined with high winds can quickly evaporate the water from a tree, leaving the leaves wilted, scorched, or worse, dead, and falling. All these environmental conditions can stress a tree, and here at Monkeyman’s, we say a stressed tree is a diseased tree.

A careful examination of your wilting tree is the first step in diagnosing plant health problems. Dead leaves, brown or yellow spots, and strange bumps should all be examined. Thankfully, our ISA-certified Arborists have over 20 years of pest and disease identification.

Below are some common plant diseases and pests that our arborists mitigate on a daily basis:

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Plant Health Care

Plant health care is something we offer to clients throughout the Portland metro area. Many of our customers ask, “Why is my tree dying?”?

We can diagnose any plant diseases or pests that may be affecting the health of your trees with the help of an ISA Certified Arborist. In addition, Monkeymans Tree Service arborists will prescribe a plant healthcare program that will help your tree grow and thrive. A service we provide is root spading, which allows us to remove access dirt from trees that are planted too deep. For the trees to grow to their full potential, we can also apply organic fertilizer and compost.

To evaluate the health and safety of your trees, our ISA-Certified Arborist can also conduct a tree risk assessment. Just call us today at (503)-358-8754 and we can make sure your trees are happy and healthy.

Certified Arborist doing a plant health care assessment on a native Douglas-fir tree.
ISA Certified Arborist doing a compost tea application in portland oregon.

Compost Tea Application

Our compost tea is brewed in our bioreactor at our shop in Lake Oswego, Oregon using high-quality worm castings, and compost. Compost tea can improve soil structure, water retention, suppress diseases, and enhance plant growth. Our versatile sprayers can cover your whole yard and even apply it as a foliar spray if needed.  In Portland Oregon, our clients have seen improvements in their lawns and gardens after we applied our fall and spring applications.

We are one of the only tree companies in the Portland metro area that has compost tea specially curated for your trees and gardens. Our ISA Certified Arborist on staff can help answer any compost tea questions you may have, don’t hesitate to call us today at (503)-358-8753.

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