Diagnosing Plant Problems

You’ve spent plenty of time and money on perfecting your landscaping. Running into plant problems can ruin your hard work if not handled swiftly. Count on Monkeyman’s Tree Service for plant problem diagnosis in Portland, OR. Give Us a Call At (503) 358-8754 Schedule An Estimate

Monkeyman's Diagnosing Your Plant Issues

There are several different reasons why the trees, shrubs, or other plants in your yard are browning, stunted, or seem to be dying off. Our certified arborist team can come and help diagnose the underlying issue and provide a solution to ensure your plants are restored back to full health and beauty.

Call us today, and we can talk to you more about what you see and whether or not our team can help keep your plants healthy and strong!

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Common Plant and Tree Problems

The biggest problem with trees is usually water-related. Harsh summer heat, combined with high winds can quickly evaporate the water from a tree, leaving the leaves wilted, scorched, or worse, dead, and falling.

A careful examination of your wilting tree is the first step in diagnosing plant health problems. Dead leaves, brown or yellow spots, and strange bumps should all be examined. A brief list of four common plant health problems is examined below:

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Other Tree Services

Tree Removal
Tree Removal Tree removal takes strategy, planning, and flawless execution to properly remove a tree safely. Throughout Portland’s highly dense tree population, tree removals are commonly necessary to make way for new projects and prevent damage to property. Learn More
Land Clearing
Land Clearing Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been doing Portland, OR, commercial lot clearing for more than 30 years. We have the equipment and experienced technicians to get any lot cleared quickly to any specifications. Learn More
Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding After a tree has been removed, a stump is left with all of its roots. The only option for effective stump removal is to grind out the stump and remove it to prevent the tree from re-sprouting a new tree in place of the old one. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been performing Portland, OR stump grinding for more than 30 years. Learn More
Emergency Services
Emergency Services The Pacific Northwest is notorious for its trees… and also its weather. Combine the two, and you may very well have a need for an emergency or hazardous tree removal. OPEN 24 HOURS Learn More

Residential & Commercial Plant Problems

Trees and bushes in front of a residence

Residential Plant Problems

Residential brush, overgrowth, blackberry, arborvitae, shrub, and hedge removal are all services that Monkeyman’s Tree Service is happy to perform. Our brush hogs will demolish any overgrowth you may have and will turn any brush pile or hedge into mulch in just minutes.  If you have been wanting a new look without hedges or brushes, Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today to get a free quote on residential brush removal.

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Trees in a downtown area near road

Commercial Plant Problems

Monkeyman’s Tree Service has 30 years of experience doing commercial brush removal and land clearing. If you need a brush pile removed, hedges or shrubs at your business pulled out, or if you are a developer and need land cleared for a new subdivision whatever the need Monkeyman’s Tree Service can service you. We are Portland, Oregon’s most trusted commercial tree service company, and will provide whatever bush removal service you need. Call (503) 358-8754 for a free commercial brush removal quote.

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