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Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been doing Portland, OR, commercial lot clearing for more than 30 years. We have the equipment and experienced technicians to get any lot cleared quickly to any specifications. Give Us a Call At (503) 358-8754 Schedule An Estimate

Land Clearing Portland, OR, by Monkeyman's Tree Service

If you have a lot or piece of land that needs to be cleared in the Portland metro area, Monkeyman’s tree service is the company to get it done for you at a price you will be able to afford. We specialize in land development and pre construction site clearing Portland OR. It doesn’t matter if you have a few acres or a small lot we will remove all the trees and brush and turn it into usable space.

Our lot clearing services includes brush and underbrush removal. Tree and stump removal and overall clearing of the lot or land. Most often we are called when a lot needs cleared for new construction. We do lot clearing for both commercial and residential and often work with developers. We also do land clearing for pastures, gardens, fence lines, roads and much more. Whatever your reason we will have your land cleared quickly.

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Portland Tree Removal FAQs

I have an entire acre overgrown with blackberries. Can you help?


Monkeyman’s Tree Service has brush hogs and heavy brush clearing equipment that will easily take down even the largest blackberry bramble piles. We can have your land cleared and usable very quickly. Whenever possible we will haul away the blackberry mulch so that the seeds are gone and there is a smaller chance of the blackberries growing back immediately. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service today for blackberry removal, Portland, OR. (503) 358-8754

What is included in an estimate?

We customize each estimate to your needs.

If you want 13 bushed 2 shrubs and 6 arborvitae removed we are happy to accomidate. If you want us to leave the leftover mulch to provide nutrients to future growing plants or trees we can do that or we will haul the mulch away and leave you with a clean new start. If you want us to grind out the stumps from your previous hedges, we will include that in the estimate as well. Monkeyman’s Tree Service does it all and we are committed to keep our prices affordable for our fellow Portland OR residence.

Do you trim rhododendron bushes?


Rhododendron trimming is a hand snip job. Monkeyman’s Tree Service does not perform hand snip projects. You can easily google “How to trim a rhododendron” and find a myriad of helpful advice or find a landscaping company that will help. We have found that it is not cost effective for ourselves or our clients to offer this service. Monkeyman’s Tree Service strives to keep our services affordable and high quality.

Do you trim Portland, OR, hedges?


Monkeyman’s Tree Service will trim your hedges! No hedge is to large. If you have a 30ft arborvitae that needs to be trimmed. No problem! We have a bucket truck that allows us to reach up to 80 ft. We are happy to service any of Portland, Oregon’s hedge trimming needs.

Do you carry workers compensation insurance on your employees?


This should be one of the first questions that you ask any company that is doing work on your property. Tree removal companies will skip getting this trying to illegally keep their prices lower. If a workers gets hurt on your property and the  company does not provide workers compensation the employee could go after you. Monkeyman’s Tree Service is licensed bonded and insured and carries full workers compensation for every employee. We keep our costs down by having a perfect safety record!

Are you licensed, bonded and insured?

Yes! We are licensed and bonded. We hold million dollar insurance policy should anything ever go wrong on a job. We have a perfect safety record and plant to keep it that way through safety training, experienced employees and proven techniques. You can verify our credentials here.

Is your team experienced?

Yes. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has over 30 years of experience performing all kinds of tree service including Portland, OR land clearing and brush removal. We strive get jobs done as quickly as possible while still operating safely.

Do you have other clients that will refer your work?


We have a long list of very happy customers in the Portland, OR, area that have said that they would love to tell anyone about the great service that they have gotten from Monkeyman’s Tree Service.

We do our best to always provide the best possible service and to leave each customer happy and completely satisfied.

You can see what a few of our customers have said about Monkeyman’s Tree Service on our home page or feel free to call (503) 358-8754 to get some references that you can call and talk with yourself. We want you to feel comfortable moving forward using our company!

Other Tree Services

Tree Removal
Tree Removal Tree removal takes strategy, planning, and flawless execution to properly remove a tree safely. Throughout Portland’s highly dense tree population, tree removals are commonly necessary to make way for new projects and prevent damage to property.
Land Clearing
Land Clearing Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been doing Portland, OR, commercial lot clearing for more than 30 years. We have the equipment and experienced technicians to get any lot cleared quickly to any specifications.
Stump Grinding
Stump Grinding After a tree has been removed, a stump is left with all of its roots. The only option for effective stump removal is to grind out the stump and remove it to prevent the tree from re-sprouting a new tree in place of the old one. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has been performing Portland, OR stump grinding for more than 30 years.
Emergency Services
Emergency Services The Pacific Northwest is notorious for its trees… and also its weather. Combine the two, and you may very well have a need for an emergency or hazardous tree removal. OPEN 24 HOURS

Residential & Commercial Lot Clearing

Trees and bushes in front of a residence

Residential Lot Clearing

Residential lot clearing can be exciting because our clients are most often Portland, OR, residence, finally getting to build their dream home. Monkeyman’s Tree Service loves to be a part of this process. If there are any old growth trees that you love we are happy to leave them as a statement in your new front yard, or if you want certain areas left a lone we are happy to accommodate. Call today for a free Portland, OR, land clearing quote (503) 964-3663.

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Trees in a downtown area near road

Commercial Lot Clearing

We have been working with Portland, OR, land developers for their commercial lot clearing needs for more than 30 years. Monkeyman’s Tree Service has the equipment and man power to clear lots quickly. We are licensed, bonded, insured, and carry workman’s compensation. We have and A++ rating with the BBB and our perfect safety record helps us keep our costs down. Call today for a free estimate on any commercial Portland, OR lot clearing job. (503) 964-3663.

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Our Certified Arborists are the best in the industry. We only hire the best Certified Arborists and provide ongoing Arboricultural training to each member of our staff.

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