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Brush Removal King City, OR

Overgrowth and dead branch clearing is often times huge project without a skilled team of brush chipping professionals. By that, we mean bush, blackberry, and shrub destroying maniacs capable of accessing any land and annihilating any bush, shrub, or vine within reach. Monkeyman’s brush clearing employs numerous hedge-terminating hellions – otherwise known as “wood chipping enthusiasts”.

No matter what you prefer to call them, our guys don’t mess around about dead tree removal, wood chipping, brush chipping, and every other work that requires total demolition of plant life through the means of intense manual labor combined with the latest in bush chewing machinery.

Our brush and wood chipping service throughout the city of King City, Oregon are truly reasonably priced, and our eager staff of brush chipping beasts is intimidated by nothing. Our team’s eradicate the toughest brush and hedges in the city of King City, OR and we look forward to helping you with all brush clearing and wood chipping  needs.

Call today for a free brush clearing or wood chipping quote – (503) 964-3663.