Tree Removal Company

Brush Removal Tigard Oregon

Shrub and brush elimination is often times quite an undertaking unless you have a skilled team of brush clearing masters. By that, we mean down and dirty, hard working, brush chipping barbarians that can access your property to eliminate every bush, shrub, hedge or vine within reach. We employ a number of bush destroying hellions. We call them “brush clearing extremists”.

No matter what you choose to call them, our teams don’t make jokes when it comes to plant demolition, brush removal, shrub removal, or any other service that requires total decimation of greenery through the use of relentless physical labor and the best in hedge and brush devouring machinery.

Our company’s evergreen removal services throughout the city of Tigard, Oregon are more than a bargain, and our staff of hedge removal maniacs is intimidated by nothing. Our wood chipping crews take out the worst vines and hedges in Tigard, OR and we look forward to helping you with any of your brush clearing and wood chipping  needs. Call Monkeyman’s Tree Service for a free wood chipping or brush clearing estimate at (503) 964-3663.