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Tree Crown Lifting Lake Oswego

Do you wish your tree crown had it’s previous shape and size? Does it feel like your tree has let itself go and just doesn’t care anymore? Monkeyman’s Tree Service can help.

When your trees feel like life is too tough and tree crowns start to droop and sag, hire Monkeyman’s to perform a professional and affordable tree crown lifting service that will bring the vigor and excitement back to your trees. When a tree’s crown starts to get too low, it can really bring down the look and feel of your landscape. Don’t settle for sag. After all, you work hard to maintain a pleasant home for your tree. You should be able to look outside and see nice, firm… tree crowns.

We understand the fact that your tree does it’s best to make food and care for seedlings all day long – day after day. When it comes time for self maintenance, some trees just need a little help. Our professional crown lifting in Lake Oswego can give your tree the boost it needs, by clearing away dead wood and branches to recreate a well maintained look and feel to your trees.

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