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Crown Lifting Service Portland

Crown lifting is like a tummy-tuck for your tree. As trees get older, the lower portions of the crown can sag and droop, getting in the way of walkways and driveways and can also start to collect dead wood.

When you give your tree a professional crown lifting service, it’s almost like you’re saying to your tree, “Hey, you may be old, but we still love you; we want you to fee like you did when you were younger.”

Your tree has seen a lot. It’s lived through good times and bad. Its seen droughts and floods, and lets face it, your tree is tired. Perhaps your tree feels like it just can’t compare to the younger vibrant trees that are popping up all over the neighborhood. With their tight and firm crowns and young spirits… it’s almost like the younger tress are taunting your old and sagging tree saying, “You wish you had a young shape like mine.”

Don’t let your tree be the old burnt out saggy-bags of your neighborhood. Stick it to those younger trees and stand up for your ole’ gal.

Let your tree relive the glory days, call Monkeyman’s at (503) 358-8754 and get a free crown lifting estimate today.