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Crown Reduction for Trees in Aloha, OR

Reducing your tree’s crown is an effective method for limiting the height of your tree. Crown reduction in Aloha can stop your tree from growing into your home, shop, neighbor’s home, or any other nearby structure.

Crown reduction is a technique that will not only tame the height of your tree, but also allow for an increase in light penetration to the inside of the tree, allowing for more food production and a healthier tree. When done wrong, crown reduction can harm your tree, and leave it looking distressed. We perform crown reduction pruning the right way, which means that your tree will be a the right height for safety, as well as health.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service has over 30 years of experience with crown reduction and similar services. Our team is both professional and friendly and we have the experience and the tools.

Leave it to the professionals at Monkeyman’s Tree Service. We stand by our work with pride and our reputation in Aloha speaks for itself.

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