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Deadwooding Company Aloha, Oregon

Dead-wooding is the process of eliminating dead wood from your otherwise healthy and vibrant tree. This process will rid your tree of an abundant food source for insects, limit the spread of disease within your tree or from neighboring dead trees, and enhance the beauty of your tree.

While trees may seem pretty self sufficient, in many ways they rely on us to care for and maintain their health. A tree that is left alone typically starts to form enough dead wood on the lower branches to attract unwanted guests, much like that cousin nobody wants over for Christmas dinner.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service provides the best in dead wood removal throughout Aloha. Our teams arrive on time, prepared to get the job done in a timely fashion. Whether you have one tree or a grove of trees that need to be pruned, we have a truly great team of experts that can provide you with a friendly and professional dead wood removal in Aloha.

We are a locally owned and operated company that values honesty and integrity and we have a reputation for being a truly great tree service in Aloha. If you would like to have a free estimate for deadwooding in Aloha, call (503) 358-8754.