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Deadwooding Service Portland

Deadwooding in Portland is the process of removing dead wood from a tree that is otherwise healthy and alive. While the rest of the tree may be living and healthy, and might not pose any threat to safety or health, the dead or decaying wood found on a healthy tree can create many health issues and become a safety hazard if not removed promptly.

In most cases decaying wood starts as a wound from a stub or scar. When trees are pruned incorrectly, a stub containing a wound is left that can not be healed by the tree. This is usually a product of an inexperienced tree service company incorrectly pollarding a tree, however storms can break tree limbs and leave them with exposed stubs.

Once decaying wood has started within a tree, it does not stop until it is removed. Dead wood found in decaying trees will continue to lose living wood and become a host for other types of rot as well as destructive insects.

Our dead wood removal specialists can assist you with any type of tree and remove all of the dead or dying wood with no further hassles. Call us today for a free deadwooding estimate at (503) 964-3663.