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Field Mowing Portland Oregon

Monkeyman’s proudly provides field mowing services throughout the Portland metropolitan area. We work directly with homeowners associations, municipalities, farm and agricultural companies, commercial development agencies as well as individual land owners and property management companies.

We can provide you with field mowing services on an ongoing basis or provide you with an estimate for a single mow.

If you have a large pasture or field you may already be aware that Portland has a grass height regulation of 10″. You can always count on the City of Portland to collect on fines, fees, and taxes. The fine for having grass higher than 10″ starts at $216 per month plus a 10% auditors fee. The fine doubles on the 3rd month.

Our field mowing service in the Portland area is perfect for pastures, right of ways, fields, blackberry bushes, fence line, overgrown lots and more. Monkeyman’s can help you get your field or pasture under control before you get fined.

Call Monkeyman’s today for an estimate for field mowing services at (503) 964-3663.