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Tree Pruning Portland, OR

Portland tree pruning companies aren’t all the same. Trees are all uniquely different and have individual tree pruning needs. Each tree needs to be pruned according to it’s specific needs and growth patterns. Monkeyman’s Tree Pruning services are tailored to each individual tree, and account for factors like the tree’s species, the location of the pruning to take place, and the healing patterns of that specific tree.

Trees are magnificent creatures and when pruned correctly, they can heal themselves and recover beautifully. However, when pruning is done incorrectly, it will cause trees to rot and decay as the tree will not be able to heal itself and provide for new growth.

Our Portland tree pruning professionals are highly trained individuals that specialize in tree pruning. We understand trees, their growth patterns, healing patterns, and pruning needs. We are able to access all trees whether by the use of professional tree climbers, bucket trucks or aerial lifts.

Hire the best in tree pruning Portland, call Monkeyman’s Tree Service and get a free tree pruning quote today (503) 964-3663.