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Land Clearing Company Portland

Portland is a unique city with a lot of diversity. From industry to agriculture there are many opportunities for residential and commercial expansion projects that require land clearing. Monkeyman’s provides professional land clearing services to the Portland metro area at competitive rates.

Monkeyman’s Portland land clearing service provides the best in land clearing. With over 30 years of experience, we understand how important it is to have your lot or land cleared in a timely manner to your exact specifications.

Our land clearing technicians have access to stump grinders, cranes, aerial lifts, bucket trucks and a multitude of equipment to make your land clearing project a success. We always arrive on time, and at provide services at the price we quoted you.

Whether you need a lot cleared for commercial expansion, or farmland clearing services for agricultural purposes, Monkeyman’s can help you get your project underway at a price you’ll be more than happy with.

Contact us for a free Portland land clearing quote today and get your project started asap – (503) 358-8754.