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Tree Shaping Service Portland, OR

Tree Shaping in Portland is quite literally an art form. It takes the right eye for aesthetics and the right practical application of tree pruning techniques to be able to shape trees properly. We have been shaping trees the right way for over 30 years, and truly have the art form down to a science.

Monkeyman’s Tree Service shapes trees according to their species, providing the right look and feel to each tree that we shape. Whether you need a crown shaping service or ornamental tree pruning, our tree shaping technicians bring you the best in tree shaping.

We have over 30 years of tree shaping experience and are committed to providing you with the exact tree shaping experience you are looking for. Monkeyman’s has an excellent reputation for being a fast, affordable, and professional tree service that goes the extra mile on every job.

Our crews are licensed, bonded and insured and practice safety 1st EVERY time.

When you need an expert tree shaping company in Portland, call Monkeyman’s at (503) 964-3663.